Irish Castles

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Kilkenny to Monaghan

PhotoRegionCastleGrid Square
S4935 : Aghaviller church  and round tower by liam murphyKilkennyAghavillerS497351
S7025 : Annaghs Castle, Co. Kilkenny by Kieran CampbellKilkennyAnnaghs CastleS704252
-KilkennyAnnamult CastleS540465
S3766 : Balleen Castle by dougfKilkennyBalleen CastleS376669
S3263 : Balief Castle by dougfKilkennyBalief CastleS322635
-KilkennyBallinlaw CastleS669169
S4749 : Castles of Leinster: Ballybur, Kilkenny by Mike SearleKilkennyBallybur CastleS475493
-KilkennyBallycuddihy CastleS323668
-KilkennyBallyduff CastleS612383
S5263 : Ballyfoyle Castle by kevin higginsKilkennyBallyfoyle CastleS527635
S5950 : Castle and Farm Machinery by kevin higginsKilkennyBallynaboley CastleS594504
S4149 : Castle and Entrance by kevin higginsKilkennyBallykeefe CastleS414499
S4470 : Castles of Leinster: Ballyragget, Kilkenny by Mike SearleKilkennyBallyragget CastleS449708
S6352 : Ballyshawnmore Castle by liam murphyKilkennyBallyshawnmore Castle (Gowran)S631528
-KilkennyBoolyshea CastleS439570
-KilkennyBrownsford CastleS646345
-KilkennyBonnetstown CastleS468577
S4747 : Castles of Leinster: Burnchurch, Kilkenny by Mike SearleKilkennyBurnchurch CastleS476473
S5459 : Ruined Castle by kevin higginsKilkennyCantwell CastleS545593
S5757 : Clara Castle by liam murphyKilkennyClara CastleS574578
-KilkennyClarabricken CastleS579568
S3463 : Clomantagh (or Croomantagh) Castle by dougfKilkennyClomantagh CastleS348639
-KilkennyColumb, CastleS542385
-KilkennyCoolhill CastleS726353
-KilkennyCorluddy CastleS542128
-KilkennyCurrahill CastleS444352
-KilkennyDunkitt CastleS582157
S5939 : Dysart Castle, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny by Kieran CampbellKilkennyDysart CastleS596393
-KilkennyEve, CastleS453433
S2867 : Castles of Leinster: Foulkscourt, Kilkenny by Mike SearleKilkennyFoulkscourt CastleS283678
S4666 : Foulksrath Castle by Row17KilkennyFoulksrath CastleS462667
S6059 : Tower House by kevin higginsKilkennyFreneystown CastleS602590
-KilkennyGarryhiggin CastleS324592
S3270 : Castles of Leinster: Glashare, Kilkenny by Mike SearleKilkennyGlashere Castle (or Glashare)S326709
S6513 : Gorteens Castle, Co. Kilkenny by Kieran CampbellKilkennyGorteens Castle (gatehouse)S652135
S5714 : Granagh Castle by Paul O'Farrell KilkennyGranagh Castle (aka Granny)S573146
S5941 : Grenan (or Grennan) Castle by Philip HallingKilkennyGrenan CastleS593414
S4756 : Holdensrath Castle by kevin higginsKilkennyHoldensrath CastleS474564
-KilkennyKehoe CastleS573542
S4943 : Kells Priory by Mike Searle KilkennyKells (Priory)S498432
S5747 : Kilbline Castle by kevin higginsKilkennyKilbline CastleS577474
-KilkennyKilcurl CastleS529350
-KilkennyKilfane CastleS598450
S5055 : Kilkenny Castle by Philip Halling KilkennyKilkenny CastleS509557
S6314 : Kilmurry Castle, Co. Kilkenny by Kieran Campbell KilkennyKilmurry CastleS633140
-KilkennyKilrush CastleS379644
-KilkennyLegan or Ballydonnell CastleS568429
-KilkennyNeigham CastleS641509
S4643 : Castles of Leinster: Newtown, Kilkenny by Mike SearleKilkennyNewtown CastleS465438
-KilkennyPierce, CastleS245705
-KilkennyThomastown Castle (Brady's Castle)S586418
S5841 : Thomastown, County Kilkenny by Sarah777KilkennyThomastown Castle (Sweetman's Castle)S585417
S4562 : Castles of Leinster: Threecastles, Kilkenny by Mike SearleKilkennyThreecastles CastleS458625
-KilkennyTibberaghny CastleS441214
S3562 : Castles of Leinster: Tubbrid, Kilkenny by Mike SearleKilkennyTubbrid CastleS353624
-KilkennyShankill Castle-
S2863 : Castles of Leinster: Urlingford, Kilkenny by Mike SearleKilkennyUrlingford CastleS280637
S2276 : Castles of Leinster: Ballagh, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisBallagh CastleS224766
S1989 : Ballaghmore Castle by dougfLaoisBallaghmore CastleS197899
S6290 : Castles of Leinster: Ballyadams, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisBallyadams CastleS629908
-LaoisBallygeehin CastleS372834
N2811 : Castles of Leinster: Castlecuffe, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisCastlecuffe CastleN282113
-LaoisCastletown CastleS342920
S2474 : Castles of Leinster: Clonburren, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisClonburren CastleS249742
S2190 : Castles of Leinster: Cloncourse, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisCloncourse CastleS218903
N4400 : Castles of Leinster: Clonreher, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisClonreher CastleN446007
N5103 : Castles of Leinster: Coolbanagher, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisCoolbanagher Castle (demolished Feb 2014)N515033
S3574 : Cullahill Castle by dougfLaoisCullahill CastleS356740
S5298 : The Rock of Dunamase, Co. Laois by Dylan MooreLaoisDunamase CastleS529981
-LaoisDurrow, Castle-
-LaoisFleming, CastleS221796
S2184 : Castles of Leinster: Garranmaconly, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisGarranmaconly CastleS215841
S3686 : Castles of Leinster: Gortnaclea, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisGortnaclea CastleS360862
S2685 : Castles of Leinster: Grange More, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisGrange More CastleS269853
S3379 : Castles of Leinster: Grantstown, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisGrantstown CastleS332798
S3079 : Castles of Leinster: Kilbreedy, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisKilbreedy CastleS303799
N5712 : Castles of Leinster: Lea, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisLea CastleN571120
N5403 : Morett Castle ruins in County Laois by Leendert MoretLaoisMorett CastleN540032
-LaoisRush Hall CastleS310899
S7181 : Castles of Leinster: Shrule, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisShrule CastleS713814
-LaoisTimahoe CastleS536902
S6090 : Castles of Leinster: Tullomoy, Laois by Mike SearleLaoisTullomoy CastleS603909
-LeitrimCastletown Castle (aka Gar)G838412
-LeitrimDromahair CastleG804309
-LeitrimJohn, CastleH033084
-LeitrimLough Rinn CastleN099935
G8839 : Manorhamilton Castle by Kenneth  AllenLeitrimManorhamilton CastleG884397
G7835 : Parkes Castle by John DarcyLeitrimParke's CastleG782353
-LeitrimRosclogher CastleG845549
R4646 : Desmond Castle, Adare by Peter Craine LimerickAdare Castle (Desmond Castle)R469468
R3450 : Askeaton Castle by Mike Searle LimerickAskeaton CastleR340502
R4136 : Castles of Munster: Ballingarry, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickBallingarry CastleR414361
-LimerickBallinveala CastleR530459
R3437 : Castles of Munster: Ballyallinan, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickBallyallinan CastleR347376
-LimerickBallybricken CastleR653459
-LimerickBallycahane CastleR548445
-LimerickBallyculhane CastleR460540
-LimerickBallyegnybeg CastleR282421
-LimerickBallygleaghan Castle (aka Currachase)R407512
R6335 : Castles of Munster: Ballygrennan, Limerick (2) by Mike SearleLimerickBallygrennan CastleR634350
R7028 : Castles of Munster: Ballynahinch, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickBallynahinch CastleR707280
-LimerickBallyvoghan CastleR275406
-LimerickBallyvorneen CastleR699469
R3556 : Beagh castle by Robin MoodyLimerickBeagh CastleR357569
-LimerickBlack Castle-
-LimerickBolane CastleR443534
R6441 : Castles of Munster: Bourchiers, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickBourchier's Castle (aka Castle Doon)R647410
-LimerickBrittas CastleR722506
-LimerickBruree Lower CastleR543311
-LimerickBruree Upper CastleR549303
-LimerickBulgaden Eady CastleR642302
R6543 : Castles of Munster: Caherelly, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickCaherelly CastleR659438
R3945 : Castles of Munster: Cappagh, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickCappagh CastleR390451
R6650 : Carrigarreely Castle by Liam LimerickCarrigareely CastleR665503
R4955 : Castles of Munster: Carrigogunnell, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickCarrigogunnell CastleR498552
-LimerickCastletown Conyers CastleR443299
R8247 : Castles of Munster: Castletown Coonagh, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickCastletown Coonagh CastleR824479
R4244 : Castles of Munster: Clonshire, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickClonshire CastleR424447
-LimerickConnell, CastleR660625
R4752 : Court Castle by Liam LimerickCourt CastleR475526
R5140 : Castles of Munster: Croom, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickCroom CastleR512408
-LimerickCullam CastleR475520
R4742 : Dunnaman Castle by dougfLimerickDunnaman CastleR472421
R2850 : Dysert Castle near Barrigone by Philip HallingLimerickDysert CastleR286505
-LimerickFanningstown CastleR499442
R6427 : Castles of Munster: Fantstown, Limerick by Mike Searle LimerickFantstown CastleR649279
R4442 : Castles of Munster: Finniterstown, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickFinniterstown CastleR443424
-LimerickGarde, Castle (or Castlegarade)R792495
-LimerickGarraunboy CastleR436444
R3541 : Castles of Munster: Glebe, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickGlebe CastleR356411
R5941 : Castles of Munster: Glenogra, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickGlenogra CastleR591418
R2426 : Castles of Munster: Glenquin, Limerick. by Mike Searle LimerickGlenquin CastleR247264
R1247 : Glin Castle from the gardens, with the Shannon beyond by Keith SalvesenLimerickGlin Castle (new)R122472
-LimerickGlin Castle (old)R130474
R3749 : Castles of Munster: Castle Hewson, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickHewson, Castle (aka Ballyengland)R370497
R8416 : Castles of Munster: Kilbeheny, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickKilbeheny CastleR848166
R7745 : Castles of Munster: Kilduff, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickKilduff CastleR776459
R4639 : Castles of Munster: Kilfinny, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickKilfinny CastleR462399
R6027 : Castles of Munster: Kilmallock, Limerick (King John's Castle) by Mike SearleLimerickKilmallock Castle (King John's Castle)R608279
R6835 : Castles of Munster: Knockainy, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickKnockainy CastleR681358
R7230 : Castles of Munster: Knocklong, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickKnocklong CastleR724309
R5757 : St John's Castle from Henry Street by Barry WoodLimerickLimerick (King John's Castle)R577578
-LimerickLismakeery CastleR326475
R3242 : Castles of Munster: Lisnacullia, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickLisnacullia CastleR321423
R4138 : Castles of Munster: Lissamota, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickLissamota CastleR419386
-LimerickMahon, Castle R318310
R5831 : Castles of Munster: Maidstown, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickMaidstown Castle (aka Ballyvenoge)R584319
-LimerickMatrix, CastleR351412
R6157 : Castles of Munster: Newcastle Clanwilliam, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickNewcastle Clanwilliam CastleR613573
R2733 : Castles of Munster: Desmond Hall (Castle Banqueting Hall), Newcastle West, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickNewcastle West Castle (Desmond Hall)R279337
R6619 : Castle Oliver by Mike SearleLimerickOliver, CastleR664194
R8341 : Castles of Munster: Oola, Limerick (2) by Mike SearleLimerickOola CastleR836418
-LimerickPortrinard CastleR102283
R5834 : Castles of Munster: Rathcannon, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickRathcannon CastleR580344
R5641 : Castles of Munster: Rathmore, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickRathmore CastleR567413
R3739 : Castles of Munster: Rathnasaer, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickRathnaseer CastleR375392
-LimerickRathurd CastleR595540
-LimerickRobertstown CastleR270501
R6246 : Castles of Munster: Rockstown, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickRockstown CastleR623463
R2445 : Shanid Castle by dougfLimerickShanid CastleR243451
R4354 : Shanpallas Castle by LiamLimerickShanpallas CastleR430549
R3422 : Castles of Munster: Springfield, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickSpringfield CastleR349226
-LimerickTomdeely CastleR323519
-LimerickTooreen Castle (or Carrigparson)R631534
-LimerickTroy, CastleR628586
R5338 : Castles of Munster: Tullovin, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickTullovin CastleR536388
R6147 : Castles of Munster: Williamstown, Limerick by Mike SearleLimerickWilliamstown CastleR614470
H9596 : Bellaghy Bawn by Cormac DuffinLondonderryBellaghy Castle & bawnH953963
-LondonderryBrackfield CastleC510097
-LondonderryDawson Castle
-LondonderryDrenagh Castle
C6909 : Dungiven Castle and Benbradagh Mountain by John O'Kane LondonderryDungiven CastleC691091
C4121 : Doherty Tower (aka Elagh Castle) by stuart r hinesLondonderryElagh Castle (aka Doherty Tower)C415216
H9582 : Salterstown Castle by Kenneth  AllenLondonderrySalterstown CastleH951823
-LongfordBallinamore CastleN103678
-LongfordBawn CastleN154697
-LongfordBoherquill Castle (or Coolamber)N346734
-LongfordCastlerea CastleN155677
-LongfordCorrool CastleN055560
-LongfordElfeet CastleN024593
-LongfordForbes, CastleN099802
-LongfordMornin CastleN173634
N0066 : Rathcline Castle, Lanesborough, Co. Longford by Kieran CampbellLongfordRathcline CastleN001669
N9690 : Town centre, Ardee, Co. Louth by Jonathan BillingerLouthArdee Castle (Court House)N962905
N9690 : Hatch's Castle in Ardee by dougfLouthArdee Castle (Hatch's Castle)N962907
-LouthArdee Castle (tower house)N959905
O0586 : Castles of Leinster: Athclare, Louth by Mike SearleLouthAthclare CastleO056863
-LouthBallug CastleJ202060
-LouthBalregan CastleJ025104
J1811 : King John's Castle Carlingford by jaiLouthCarlingford Castle (King John's Castle)J188119
J1811 : The Mint in Tholsol Street by Eric JonesLouthCarlingford Castle (Mint, The)J189116
J1811 : Taaffe's Castle Carlingford by Norman McMullanLouthCarlingford Castle (Taaffe's Castle)J189117
-LouthCarntown CastleO091795
-LouthCastletown CastleJ031087
-LouthDarver CastleO008987
O0975 : Drogheda: St Laurence Gate by Raymond OkonskiLouthDrogheda Castle (Barbican of St Laurence Gate)O089748
J0302 : Dunmahon Castle, Co. Louth by Kieran CampbellLouthDunmahon CastleJ036020
-LouthGlaspistol CastleO158832
J0402 : Castle and church at Haynestown, Co. Louth by Kieran CampbellLouthHeynestown CastleJ043024
-LouthKillincoole CastleO001998
O0178 : The ruins of Mellifont Castle by jaiLouthMellifont CastleO013782
O0399 : Castle at Milltown, Co. Louth by Kieran CampbellLouthMilltown CastleO033993
-LouthRichardstown CastleO015905
H9911 : Roche Castle, Co. Louth by Kieran CampbellLouthRoche CastleH990118
N9992 : Roodstown Castle, Co. Louth by Kieran CampbellLouthRoodstown CastleN996925
-LouthSmarmore CastleN945859
-LouthStephenstown CastleJ003023
O1480 : Castles of Leinster: Termonfeckin, Louth by Mike SearleLouthTermonfeckin CastleO143803
-LouthThomastown Castle (or Knockabbey)N930988
M1357 : Aghalard Castle by dougf MayoAghalahard CastleM13995699
-MayoBallinglen CastleG102350
- MayoBallisnahyny CastleM234517
- MayoBallycurrin CastleM194492
- MayoBallyhowly CastleM379815
- MayoBallykine CastleM114569
M2798 : Ballylahan Castle by Pamela Norrington MayoBallylahan CastleM274989
M2981 : Brees Castle. by Aiden Clarke MayoBrees CastleM296812
-MayoBelleek Castle-
M1677 : Castles of Connacht: Castle Burke, Mayo by Mike SearleMayoBurke, Castle (aka Kinvoynell)M167773
- MayoCarn Castle(s) (aka Corraun)M235951
M1775 : Castles of Connacht: Castle Carra, Mayo by Mike SearleMayoCarra, CastleM172753
L7294 : Carrickkildavnet Castle, Achill Sound by Albert Bridge MayoCarrickkildavnetL720941
L9488 : Castleaffy, Co Mayo by Robert Ashby MayoCastleleaffy CastleL949883
L7185 : Granuaile's Castle by Oliver Dixon MayoClare Island Castle (aka Granuaile's)L715851
- MayoCloonnagashel CastleM230669
- MayoConnor, CastleG258242
- MayoCreevagh CastleM203609
- MayoCregduff CastleM254582
G1818 : Castles of Connacht: Deel, Mayo by Mike SearleMayoDeel Castle (aka Castle Gore)G180184
- MayoDoocastle CastleG583086
- MayoDoonamona CastleM204812
- MayoDuncarton or Dooncarton CastleF798382
F7512 : Doona (or Fahy) Castle by dougf MayoFahy Castle (aka Doona)F754125
- MayoFriarstown CastleG206125
- MayoGweeshadan CastleM209825
- MayoIsland CastleM469821
- MayoKillernan CastleM266601
M2550 : Castles of Connacht: Kinlough, Mayo by Mike SearleMayoKinlough CastleM259504
-MayoKinturk CastleM143839
-MayoKnock, Castle (or Caislean na Coille)M175565
-MayoLoughmask CastleM143603
-MayoLuffertaun CastleM133794
M0681 : Castle at Mace by Graham HornMayoMacphilbin's CastleM060816
M3470 : Castles of Connacht: Castle Magarret, Mayo by Mike SearleMayoMagarret, CastleM347709
-MayoMannin CastleM452849
-MayoMocorha CastleM235538
M2549 : Castles of Connacht: Moyne, Mayo by Mike SearleMayoMoyne CastleM257492
-MayoMurneen CastleM353806
G1822 : Castles of Connacht: Rappa, Mayo by Mike SearleMayoRappa CastleG184221
-MayoRathroe CastleG137281
L9395 : Carraigahowley (Rockfleet) Castle by Aiden ClarkeMayoRockfleet Castle (aka Carrigahowley)L930953
M2852 : Castles of Connacht: Shrule, Mayo by Mike SearleMayoShrule CastleM280527
-MayoTermoncarragh CastleF656355
-MayoTurin CastleM275576
O0364 : Athcarne Castle, Co. Meath by Kieran CampbellMeathAthcarne CastleO032647
N8767 : Castles of Leinster: Athlumney, Meath by Mike SearleMeathAthlumney CastleN876675
-MeathBallygarth CastleO144706
N8559 : Bective Abbey by JPMeathBective AbbeyN859599
-MeathCarrickdexter CastleN944730
-MeathCausetown CastleN677624
-MeathClongill CastleN824760
O1169 : Medieval Tower House at Dardistown, Co. Meath by Kieran CampbellMeathDardistown CastleO115696
N7049 : Castles of Leinster: Donore, Meath by Mike SearleMeathDonore CastleN703498
-MeathDunboyne CastleO012420
N9070 : Dunmoe Castle by JPMeathDunmoe CastleN901702
-MeathDunsany CastleN915548
N9673 : Castles of Leinster: Fennor, Meath by Mike SearleMeathFennor CastleN965732
N5838 : Castles of Leinster: Castle Jordan, Meath by Mike SearleMeathJordan, CastleN589388
-MeathKilleen CastleN933548
N8469 : Liscartan Castle by JPMeathLiscartan CastleN841695
N9563 : Monktown Castle ruins, Co. Meath by Kieran CampbellMeathMonktown CastleN954636
N7760 : Moymet Castle, Trim by Kieran CampbellMeathMoymet CastleN778603
-MeathMoyrath CastleN724573
-MeathNangle Castle (Trim)N802569
-MeathNewcastle CastleN757416
N7856 : Castles of Leinster: Newhaggard, Meath by Mike SearleMeathNewhaggard CastleN782564
-MeathOdder CastleN911584
-MeathRathaldron CastleN846693
-MeathRathkenny CastleN892786
-MeathRathmore CastleN748668
-MeathRiverstown CastleN899599
N7884 : Castles of Leinster: Robertstown, Meath by Mike SearleMeathRobertstown CastleN785842
-MeathRoss CastleN467832
N9574 : Slane Castle by Jamie CarrollMeathSlane CastleN950742
N8448 : Castles of Leinster: Summerhill, Meath by Mike SearleMeathSummerhill Castle (Lynch's Castle)N844481
-MeathTalbot Castle (Trim)N803569
-MeathThe Black Castle-
N7557 : Tremblestown Castle, Co. Meath by Kieran CampbellMeathTremblestown CastleN759576
N8056 : The Bailey of Trim Castle by John MMeathTrim Castle (The Keep)N802567
H8507 : Mannan Castle, Co. Monaghan by Kieran CampbellMonaghanDonaghmoyne Castle (aka Mannan)H853074
-MonaghanLesli, Castle-
-MonaghanMaghernacloy CastleN853975


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