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Definitive Maps

SY9180 : Public footpath sign, Devil's Staircase by Jim Champion
The Rights of Way shown on Ordnance Survey mapsExternal link aren't necessarily exhaustive, and they may not always be accurate as changes to the Right of Way network made between map editions don't make it on the map. In England and Wales, the local authorities (unitary authorities or counties) are required to maintain a Definitive Map on paper, which is both definitive and up to date and must be publicly accessible. In National Parks, this may be delegated to the relevant National Park Authority. The rules in the other four jurisdictions covered by Geograph Britain and Ireland are different, and the above doesn't apply there.

In addition to the Definitive Map on paper, many local councils offer an online version of their Rights of Way map. These online versions aren't definitive in the legal sense but are meant to reflect what is shown on the Definitive Maps. In many cases, these also show temporary diversions.

Below is a list of links to online versions of Definitive Maps of local councils in England and Wales. In some cases it is necessary to accept terms, but no registration or payment is necessary in any case. A number of local councils have made their data available to the public, and the website rowmapsExternal link provides a tool to view these data in several different mapping media.

The list is based on posts on the Geograph forum. If you would like to add information, please either post to the relevant forum threadExternal link or contact me by email through GeographExternal link. Similarly, if you find that a map link no longer works or the menus have been changed, please drop us a line.



Acknowledgement. Hugh C, Keith Edkins, Bob Embleton, Ben Gamble, ceridwen, Richard Greenwood, Derek Harper, Dave Hitchborne, David Lally, Alan Murray-Rust, Nigel Mykura, Ian Rutson, Kevin Beeden, Evelyn Simak and Amy Malcolm supplied various map links.

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