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Descriptive words on OS maps

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BarnXXST5038 : Fourteenth-century Abbey barn at the Somerset Rural Life Museum.Non-Roman
BarracksXXNT2269 : Construction Works, Redford BarracksWith name on 25K
BarrierXTQ5477 : River Darent Flood Barrier
BasinXSJ3287 : Looking towards Cammell Lairds Shipyard
BastleXXNY7789 : Black Middens Bastle HouseThey occur in counties near the Scottish border.
Bath HouseXXNS5472 : Remains of Roman Bath House, BearsdenTourist site
BathXSH6073 : The western end of the old Penrhyn baths(Disused)
BatteryXXNJ9605 : Torry Point BatteryTourist site
BeaconXXSY7881 : Old Navigation Beacon Chaldon DownBeacons on 50K
Beam EnginesXSU2662 : Crofton - Pump HouseTourist site
BeechXat SP233677On a parish boundary. Oaks are marked nearby
Beehive HutXXSX6381 : Beehive hutNon-Roman
BieldXNY1220 : Ruined BieldN England & Scotland word for sheepfold
Bird ObservatoryXXSY6868 : Portland Bird Observatory
Bird of Prey CentreXXNM7234 : AchnacroishTourist site
Bird SanctuaryXSP8740 : Willen Lake in Milton Keynes
Bishop's PalaceXST1578 : Ruins of Bishop's Palace. Llandaff, CardiffNon-Roman. Old Bishop's Palace.
BlockhouseXXSV8915 : Blockhouse on TrescoNon-Roman
BlockshipXXND4899 : Blockship on Number 2 Churchill Barrier
Blowing HouseXSX6363 : Blowing houseNon-Roman
Boarded GroinXXat TR340635Non-Roman
Boat Hire and TripsXNM9248 : Linnhe Marine pontoon, Dallens Bay, Appin.Tourist site
Boat HouseXSP8609 : Sailing club & heron, Weston Turville Reservoir
Boat TripsXNH5632 : Boat Trips, Loch NessTourist site
Boat YardXTG3724 : Richardsons Boat Yard
Boating LakeXTA0527 : Pickering Park, HullBlue lettering
Bothy XXNY6734 : Bothy
Boundary RockXat SX635885
Boundary WorkXSX6771 : Boundary on Holne Mooralso SX5962 : Boundary work on Penn Beacon shown on 50k
BreakwaterXXSX4853 : Mount Batten BreakwaterWith name on 25K
BreweryXXTF4958 : Bateman's Brewery, Wainfleet
Brick WorksXXNU0909 : Thrunton Brick Works
BrochXXNC0206 : Broch and ruined cottage, AchlochanNon-Roman
Bull RingXSP0201 : Roman Amphitheatre, Cirencester
Burial ChamberXXSM7228 : Coetan Arthur burial chamber, St Davids HeadNon-Roman
Burial GroundXXNH3407 : Auchteraw Burial Ground
Burial MoundXSO0311 : Enclosure at Cwm MoelNon-Roman
Burnt MoundsXXHU5361 : Burnt Mound
Business CentreXat TQ267342
Business ParkXXSU6555 : Chineham Business Park
Butterfly HouseXXSK5384 : Butterfly HouseTourist site
ButtsXTL8182 : Rifle Range, Thetford ForestRifle butts, not grouse butts

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