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This is both a feature request system, and a way collaboration tool for developers.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do it make a pledge?

You need to load money into Fundry via Paypal, then you can allocate funds to features you want to support.
Note: You are paying upfront - they money is charged by Fundry right away, and held in escrow until/if the feature is completed.
There is no minimum pledge (other than 1c. of course!)

What information do I need to share to make a pledge?

You need to create a Fundry account, which has a public username.
You also make your email address public on your Fundry profile page.
Finally you need a paypal account - but you don't have to make its email address public.

Can I get my money back out?

As long as a feature hasn't been completed, you can retract a pledge, and withdraw funds (subject to paypal fees)

How much does a feature need pledged?

Unknown! The best we can do is try it and see. Remember we are hoping to attract other developer to participate.

Can I add feature requests?

Yes! Please do. Of course you should be only adding features you willing to pay for. Promote the features you suggest, to get others to help fund it! For the moment please concentrate on 'standalone' features, rather than tweaks to already existing site features.


How does a developer claim the money?

Currently I have to claim the money (a deficiency of Fundry I think), and they pay it to the respective developer.
Once we notify Fundry that the feature is 'complete' - its opened up
to vote by the pledges to agree the feature is done. Money is only paid if agree the feature is done. (see the Fundry site for more details)

What about low quality code?

At least initially developers wont be working on the live site or our servers, but developing the feature(s) independently. I will do the final integration into the site.

Is this open to non current Geograph developers?

Absolutely. One of the reasons for this, is to attract new developers. Many of the features I am going to add are reasonably 'standalone' rather than requiring deep integration with our source.

What support is available to developers?

I'll do what I can to help any developers work on features, most notably providing test data. But also access to computer resources/servers where we have it.

Geograph Project Ltd's Involvement

Does Geograph get any money out of this?

No. The 'fund' goes to the developer in question. But Fundry and Paypal are collecting fees.

Is Geograph offering any money for features?

Not right now. This is a project initiated by me (barry). But if it gains momentum, then maybe Geograph could start offering money.

Why are you doing this, can't Geograph pay?

Well Geograph (via the OS sponsorship), has enough money to cover its operational costs. But it doesn't have enough to employ anyone, even employing sometime part-time, or on a 'contract' basis, will use up the funds pretty quickly. So this is an experiment for other ways to get more developers involved. As the last question mentions, Geograph Project could pledge some money to features if need be.

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