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This is one of a series of articles which give photographs of features on the ground which have standard symbols on Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 maps, and also show the symbol. See OS 25K map symbolsExternal link for introduction to the series, and links to other articles in it. Ordnance Survey have told us that although the symbols are copyright they allow them to be copied without charge or specific licence.

Click on a photo thumbnail to see a page with a larger photo, and other photo details. The photo page also has a section of the 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey map; click on that map to see an Ordnance Survey Get-a-map section of 1:25,000 scale map.

For roads and paths there are only minor differences between symbols on 25K and 50 K maps. See Road and path symbols on 50K mapsExternal link for our examples of the latter.

Motorway OS 25K symbol - Motorway SP3982 : M6 motorway beyond junction 2 by J WhatleyA motorway number M69 is also on this section of map, see Map linkExternal link
Motorway services OS 25K symbol - Motorway services  SE3014 : Woolley Edge Services, Southbound M1 by Mark AndersonThe name of the service area is shown in blue lettering
Motorway junction number OS 25K symbol - Motorway junction number  SD9814 : M62 Junction 22 by David Dixon
Toll road junction number OS 25K symbol - Toll road junction number  SJ9908 : Toll Road Exit T7 by John HolmesSymbol shown on OS 25K extra symbols pageExternal link but is used on 50K map as well.
Dual carriageway OS 25K symbol - Dual carriageway  TQ2081 : Western Avenue at Gipsy Corner by David HawgoodCentral division may be shown by dots, dashes, or a continuous line. On this section going North-West all three are shown on the map, although the central division is a fence on the whole section. See Map linkExternal link
Main (A) road OS 25K symbol - Main (A) road  TF3902 : A141 at Ring's End by Peter WhatleyRoad numbers are on this section of map
Services on main road OS 25K symbol - Services on main road  TL3565 : Cambridge Extra  services by Steve  Fareham
Secondary (B) road OS 25K symbol - Secondary (B) road  ST6151 : 2010 : B3139 near Emborough by Maurice Pullin
Narrow road with passing places OS 25K symbol - Narrow road with passing places  NR4467 : Passing place by Alan Gerrard
Road under construction OS 25K symbol -  Road under construction   SK7549 : Working on the new road by Alan Murray-Rust OS 25K map section for road under construction  As the map will in due course be updated to show the finished road, here is a screen grab from Ordnance Survey Get-a-Map at April 2010. Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map serviceExternal link. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance SurveyExternal link.
Road generally more than 4m wide OS 25K symbol - Road generally more than 4m wide  TR3246 : Crossroads to Waldershare Lane across Sutton Road by Nick SmithMap sectionExternal link shows a road over 4m wide (brown) crossing a road under 4m wide (yellow).
Road generally less than 4m wide OS 25K symbol - Road generally less than 4m wide  See photo above
Other road,drive or track - fenced - unfenced OS 25K symbol -  Other road,drive or track - fenced - unfenced NS3742 : Farm Entrance by Gordon Dowie TR1254 : Upper Horton Farm farm road by David AnstissUpper photo fenced, lower photo unfenced. Dashed line showing there is no fence can be one or both sides of road, and can be on A, B, or unclassified public roads.
Gradient steeper than 20% (1 in 5) OS 25K symbol - Gradient steeper than 20% (1 in 5) ST1437 : Crowcombe Combe looking SW ; steep road from Crowcombe by Martin Southwood
Gradient between 14% and 20% (1 in 5 to 1 in 7) OS 25K symbol -  Gradient between 14% and 20% (1 in 5 to 1 in 7) SH7821 : Snowdonia: the road gets steeper by john shortland
Ferry OS 25K symbol - Ferry  SZ0387 : Chain ferry, Sandbanks by Gareth James NS5168 : Silvers Marine - The new Renfrew Ferry as of April 2010. by Vic NelsonThe upper photo is a vehicle ferry, just shown with word "Ferry" on 25K map. The lower photo is a passenger ferry shown as "Ferry P".
Path OS 25K symbol - Path  NN5053 : Path, skirting Leagag by Callum Black NH8513 : Old track on Geal-charn Beag by Dorothy CarseThe path in the upper photo is shown on the 25K map by a dashed line, that in the lower photo by a dotted line.

Map symbol images are Crown Copyright.
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