Vanished, demolished and disappeared Belfast

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A look at some of the buildings, streets and sites which have disappeared from the face of Belfast. The photographs were taken by several members. Click on the photograph to see a larger version and read its caption.
Many have gone for redevelopment or pending redevelopment, some went as a result of the bombing campaign and one was demolished after a fire.
The photographs appear in no particular order and refer to the Belfast City Council area only ie excluding places such as Dundonald, Carryduff and Glengormley.

First prepared 5 January 2012.

Updated 15 January 2017 new photograph:


The former Maysfields leisure centre

J3473 : Former Maysfields leisure centre, Belfast (2013) by Albert Bridge

Not demolished but substantially altered as part of a new commercial development.

J3373 Gt Victoria Street, the Dublin Road and surrounding area
Maryville Street J3373 : Maryville Street, Belfast (3) by Albert Bridge J3373 : Maryville Street, Belfast (4) by Albert Bridge
A street between Donegall Pass and Ormeau Avenue, built towards the end of the 19th century and cleared to make way for replacement houses.

Gt Victoria Street Baptist church J3373 : Gt Victoria Street Baptist church, Belfast (2013-1) by Albert Bridge demolished pending redevelopment.

Gt Victoria Street railway station J3373 : Great Victoria Street railway station by The Carlisle Kid J3373 : Gt Victoria Street station, Belfast (2) by Albert Bridge J3373 : Dublin train - No. 2 Platform - 1975 by The Carlisle Kid J3373 : BUT & AEC sets - No's 3 & 4 Platforms by The Carlisle Kid J3373 : Station throat from Platform 2 - Great Victoria Street by The Carlisle Kid
Built for the Ulster Railway in 1848. Part was demolished to make way for the Europa hotel. The remainder went after the station was closed as part of the re-opening of the Belfast Central railway connecting the former Great Northern and County Down lines. Many years later the line was re-opened with a new station built slightly to the south of the original.
Gt Victoria Street bus station J3373 : Gt Victoria Street  bus station, Belfast (1) by Albert Bridge J3373 : Great Victoria Street bus station, Belfast (2) by Albert Bridge
Originally part of the railway station, it survived the closure of the former but eventually made way for a multi-storey car park which included a new bus station on the ground floor.
Grosvenor Road – former railway goods sheds
J3373 : Great Victoria Street bus depot, Belfast (2) by Albert Bridge J3373 : Warehouses, Belfast by Albert Bridge
Demolished in preparation for the proposed Belfast Transport Hub (combined railway and bus station).
The Washington bar, Howard Street J3373 : The "Washington Bar", Belfast by Albert Bridge
Victorian premises demolished for a replacement bar.
Nos 41-43 Dublin Road J3373 : Nos 41-43 Dublin Road, Belfast (1983) by Albert Bridge two derelict former houses demolished and replaced by a new building.
35-39 Dublin Road J3373 : Nos 35-39 Dublin Road, Belfast by Albert Bridge and Harmony Street J3373 : Vacant houses, Belfast by Albert Bridge Both demolished in preparation for a major hotel development.
No 73 Dublin Road J3373 : No 73 Dublin Road, Belfast (December 2013) by Albert Bridge demolished for redevelopment.
Nos 78-86 Dublin Road.
J3373 : Nos 78-86 Dublin Road, Belfast (August 2015) by Albert Bridge
Demolished for redevelopment as student accommodation.
The Albion shirt factory, Wellwood Street, Sandy Row
J3373 : The "Albion" factory, Belfast (1990) by Albert Bridge demolished and not replaced.


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