4. Bodham to Bylaugh

War Memorials in Norfolk

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Bodham to Bylaugh

Image Parish Location Grid ReferenceWW1WW2Notes
TG1238 : The War Memorial tablets at Bodham by Adrian S PyeBodhamchurch tower TG 1256 389361+1 LinkExternal link
Bodneysee Hilborough combined with Hilborough
TG1222 : World War one Memorial in Booton church by Adrian S PyeBootonChurch439846912- LinkExternal link
TF6902 : Boughton War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBoughtonChurchyardTF 6997 022150 LinkExternal link
TG1709 : Bowthorpe St. Michael's ruined church and Memorial by Adrian S PyeBowthorperuinTG 1773 090720Included with Norwich
TM1899 : Bracon Ash and Hethel War Memorial by Adrian S Pye TG1700 : The War Memorial in Bracon Ash church by Adrian S PyeBracon AshThe StreetTM 1824 9993171 LinkExternal link
TG2633 : St Giles, Bradfield - War Memorial WWI by John SalmonBradfieldChurch TG 2679 3329 5- LinkExternal link
TG5003 : Bradwell War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBradwellChurch GreenTG 5031 03801612 LinkExternal link
TG2904 : The war memorial in Bramerton by Evelyn Simak TG2904 : The war memorial in Bramerton (names) by Evelyn SimakBramertonChurchyardTG 2961 046790 LinkExternal link
TG2124 : Brampton, Norfolk, War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBramptonChurchyard TG 2198 2460101 LinkExternal link
TF7743 : Brancaster War Memorial by Adrian S Pye TF7743 : Brancaster War Memorial in the church by Adrian S PyeBrancasterChurch/yard TF 7721 4388306 LinkExternal link
TG1421 : War memorial inside St Nicholas' church, Brandiston by Helen SteedBrandistonChurchTG 1413 214220 LinkExternal link
TG0708 : Brandon Parva First World War Memorial by Adrian S Pye TG0708 : Brandon Parva Second World War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBrandon ParvachurchTG 0702 0807 71 LinkExternal link
TG3308 : St Michael & All Angels, Braydeston - Wall monument by John Salmon TG3308 : WW2 memorial in Braydeston church by Adrian S PyeBraydestonchurchTG 3373 086452 LinkExternal link
TL9594 : Breckles War Memorial by Adrian S Pye TL9594 : War Grave at Breckles by Adrian S PyeBreckleschurch/yard TL 9583 945740 LinkExternal link
TM0781 : Bressingham War Memorial in High Road by Adrian S PyeBressinghamnear the school TM 080 815 123 LinkExternal link
TL9383 : The CWGC Headstone of J.J. Harradine by Adrian S PyeBrettenhamchurchyardTL 9323 833531The WW1 memorial at Rushford includes Brettenham. The church itself holds no Memorial. LinkExternal link
TL9585 : St Mary's church - war memorial by north porch by Evelyn SimakBridghamchurchyardTL 9576 8583191 LinkExternal link
TG0334 : Second World War Memorial at Briningham St. Maurice's by Adrian S PyeBrininghamchurchTG 0388 3439 55 LinkExternal link
TG0335 : The War Memorial in Brinton church by Adrian S PyeBrintonchurchTG 0380 3572 10 LinkExternal link
TF9521 : Brisley War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBrisleychurchyardTF 9507 2151133 LinkExternal link
TG0632 : Briston War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBristonchurch & yardTG 0623 3255257 LinkExternal link
TM2079 : Brockdish War Memorial by Keith EvansBrockdishchurchyardTM 204 796192 LinkExternal link
TM2999 : Brooke War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBrookechurchyard TM 293 995175 LinkExternal link
TM3493 : The War Memorial at Broome by Adrian S PyeBroomechurchyardTM 3465 9316181 LinkExternal link
TG3626 : St Peter, Brunstead, Norfolk - Memorial WWI by John SalmonBrunsteadChurchTG 3699 267880+2 LinkExternal link
TG3208 : Brundall World War One Memorial window by Adrian S PyeTG3208 : Brundall War Memorial brass plaque by Adrian S Pye TG3208 : Brundall World War Two Memorial by Adrian S PyeBrundallChurchTG 321 0847+29+1 LinkExternal link
TG3505 : Buckenham St. Nicholas War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBuckenham FerrychurchyardTG 355 05831 LinkExternal link
TM1292 : WW1 Memorial in Bunwell church by Adrian S Pye TM1292 : WW2 Memorial in Bunwell church by Adrian S PyeBunwellchurch TM 1255 9277148 LinkExternal link
TG4704 : St Peter & St Paul, Burgh Castle - War Memorial WWI by John Salmon TG4704 : St Peter & St Paul, Burgh Castle - War memorial WWII by John SalmonBurgh Castlechurch TG 4763 0498218 LinkExternal link
TG2125 : The WW1 Memorial at Burgh-next-Aylsham by Adrian S PyeBurgh next AylshamRoadsideTG 2177 2524 30 LinkExternal link
Burgh ParvaSee Melton Constable LinkExternal link
TG4413 : Burgh St. Margaret War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBurgh St. MargaretBy the churchTG 445 1391811 LinkExternal link
-Burgh St. Peter-TM 493 93630 LinkExternal link
Burlinghamssee North or South Burlingham
TF8044 : The War Memorial at Burnham Deepdale by Adrian S Pye TF8044 : Burnham Deepdale Roll of Honour by Adrian S PyeBurnham DeepdaleChurchyardTF 80407 44302133 LinkExternal link
TF8342 : Burnham Market War Memorial on The Green by Adrian S PyeBurnham MarketThe GreenTF 83234 421463310 LinkExternal link
TF8342 : Burnham Norton War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBurnham NortonchurchTF 8350 427762 LinkExternal link
TF8444 : "Lest we Forget" by Adrian S PyeBurnham OveryWindward, Wells RoadTF 8439 4422 2413 LinkExternal link
Burnham Suttonsee Burnham Market
TF8541 : Burnham Thorpe War Memorial by Adrian S PyeBurnham ThorpechurchyardTF 8519 417693 LinkExternal link
[[[]]]Burnham Westgatesee Burnham Market
TM1383 : The church of St Mary in Burston - C20 memorial by Evelyn SimakBurstonChurchTM 137 83180 LinkExternal link
TG2322 : St Andrew's church - war memorial by Evelyn SimakBuxtonChurchyardTG 2333 226822- LinkExternal link
TG0318 : War Memorial at Bylaugh - Lest we Forgot! by Adrian S PyeBylaughchurchTG 0360 183110Wrongly thought itself a Thankful Village. LinkExternal link

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