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Geograph blocks pinning

By Barry Hunter


Update, Sept 2012:

We have since removed the block. As Pinterest now credits geograph images properly. A link to the photo page, and the contributors name and profile appear on the "Pin" page.


Geograph have just instigated a policy of blocking pinning on LinkExternal link This means users of the service will not be able to directly pin images from the Geograph websites.

This is motivated by the fact that the method of copying images that pinterest uses, does not promote honouring the Creative Commons licence.

The Creative Commons licences exists to actively promote and allow responsible reuse of content - in exchange for attribution. From a technical standpoint pinterest could automatically pickup and maintain this attribution on content copied to its servers.

True they do ask users to "Credit Your Sources" - but lots of users clearly don't take notice of this - the result is that a large amount of content on the site is not credited - and therefore contravenes the original creators copyright.

I'm writing this blog post, as a point of reference - hopefully you can join is in lobbying pinterest to be responsible, and take technical measures to help their users actually honour Copyright.

Sat, 3 Mar 2012 at 21:16

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