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Little Quest

By Gary Rogers

So I've had what I think is a wonderfully eccentric idea.....
Over the next few years I'll endeavour to visit and geograph one square for each of the 45 or so myriads on the UK mainland. The twist is that the particular grid square for each myriad will be selected completely randomly using a web-based random number generator to select a number between 0 and 9999 which will be added to the myriad prefix to decide the square I have to visit. A different random number to be generated for each myriad.
I'm going to call this my 'Little Quest' (a name taken from a similar idea in the geocaching community) and I'm more than happy for you to take on your own little quest (if you're crazy enough that is :)
I'll upload my geographs as I go along and blog at each stage and at the end of the quest (if I ever get there) perhaps I'll produce a little exhibition of prints or a book using some online publishing platform who knows!
Yesterday I trialled the idea on my home myriad SD. I used LinkExternal link to generate my random number. The first number happened to be 1016 which turns out to be all at sea for SD so I had another go and got 8648 so for the first stage of my quest I had to visit SD8648 which turns out to be the village of Bracewell about 10 miles north east of Clitheroe, a distance of about 50 miles from home... (petrol is obviously going to be an issue...)
Anyhow, I had a look at the map beforehand and selected three features that looked particularly interesting these where the church, the river and the earthwork. The weather was a bit overcast and drizzly but I went prepared with waterproofs and once I'd got myself into the gridsquare I managed to get to and geograph all three locations in a couple of hours.
So one myriad down, 44 (I think) to go!
If you decide to have a go at this yourself, please let me know!

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Mon, 5 Mar 2012 at 23:06
Grid Square
geotagged! SD8648
Chosen Photo
SD8648 : Stock Beck by Gary Rogers
Stock Beck by Gary Rogers for square SD8648

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