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One of those fill In Days

By Bill Nicholls

Sunday the 8th was one of those fill in days for me. I never had any plans to go anywhere so thought Id fill in a few of the places on my Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway map. I had go as far as Shaw near Newbury and now needed to trace the route over the two water courses and onto the main railway. Stopping off at Shaw I parked up near the River Lambourn and walked along the path to see if any of the bridge remained. On getting near I noticed a footbridge had been built near where the bridge would have stood this gave an idea as to the position SU4867 : Cyclists dismount by Bill Nicholls. Looking towards the Hitachi Capital grounds you could see the cutting side and a concrete faced bank near the footbridge which on closer examination showed some cast pillars which and been cut off and not removed just smoothed over with concrete caps SU4867 : Some remains by Bill Nicholls. That justified my visiting the place. Opposite all that could be seen was a retaining wall which lined the old railway SU4867 : Wall on the line by Bill Nicholls. This may have been built after the closure to form a boundary as Id have thought this would have just been a dirt embankment along the field originally.
Next step was to get to the A4 Bath road and check out where the railway crossed.
The place was not hard to find and was marked by a hedge one side SU4867 : The Railway crossed here by Bill Nicholls and some wasteland the other but nothing remained that could be seen. Behind the hedge a carpark was built on the old line SU4867 : Carpark on the line by Bill Nicholls.
Try as I might I could not find a way to view the Kennet so I will be returning for that at a later time but I did suss out the line as it went through the Bone Lane industrial estate and there are even two buildings built on the line SU4766 : Two on the line by Bill Nicholls. Along the Hambridge road the bridge has been filled in though two large pipes still run across the old line making its position SU4766 : Where the bridge was by Bill Nicholls. Over the road Speedy hire now sits beside the old line and if you look though the yard gate you can see part of the bed and embankment SU4766 : In the yard by Bill Nicholls. The railway would have then run into the main line but now a small industrial estate has been built there so tracking it is nigh on impossible other than by looking at the map SU4766 : Small estate by Bill Nicholls.
Viewing the mail main line from the Boundary Road Bridge you can see where the line would have joined after going under the bridge SU4766 : It would have been there by Bill Nicholls SU4766 : Buffer in the weeds by Bill Nicholls.
I still have to return to Newbury Station and check it out but I am not hopeful on that score. From Newbury you would have travelled down to Winchester and Southampton but the will be another article as far as Im concerned and more map checking. Sorry no Geotrip this time but I will put the photos on as I post them.

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