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The Re-Taking of NX34 with the Old Place of Monreith

By Andy Farrington

NX34 LinkExternal link was initially completed on the 5th July 2010 by RH Dengate LinkExternal link with a picture taken of

The Farm lane south of Barwinnock NX3842 : Farm lane south of Barwinnock by RH Dengate

My planned journey on the 23rd April 2012 to the area therefore, was to complete another personal square in the Machars and bag the inevitable 2nd Geograph. Getting back home and checking my pictures and GPS it became clear that the first awarded to complete the hectad was taken out of grid as was another shot taken on the same day from the same position. Promotion to 1st came after raising a ticket and thanks to Grandturzel for reminding me that this shot of:

The Footpath to the Old Place of Monreith NX3842 : Footpath to the Old Place of Monreith by Andy Farrington in NX3842 LinkExternal link also bashed the NX34 LinkExternal link hectad again.

Tue, 15 May 2012 at 18:08
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