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Into the new year

By Chris Allen

I was stymied from posting for most of January due to 'upgrading' to Windows 8 and then discovering that my machine wouldn't run for more than a few minutes before freezing. However, I did eventually get started and was able to post my January backlog then move on with February - blessed relief to be back on site.

On the 12th of January I filled in some of the local scenery that I have been neglecting since the 1970s with a wander round Worcester - SO8555 : The great filling hall by Chris Allen SO8555 : Former Worcester Engine Works by Chris Allen SO8554 : Worcester Cathedral by Chris Allen - there is still much to do. The opportunity was also taken to record the nearly finished mortuary refurbishment at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital SO8754 : Worcestershire Royal Hospital - mortuary refurbishment by Chris Allen.

On Sunday 13th January I had a cold walk around Sharpness Docks. This was a new venue for me but I found them quite interesting - SO6602 : Sharpness Docks - pier by Chris Allen SO6602 : Sharpness Docks by Chris Allen SO6702 : Sharpness Docks by Chris Allen SO6603 : Sharpness Docks - former entrance lock by Chris Allen. On the way home I had a quick tincture at Fromebridge Mill that is now a public house - SO7607 : Fromebridge Mill by Chris Allen.

A week later it was snowy and I had work to do but did photograph a seriously large crane at work - SO8754 : Worcestershire Royal Hospital - huge crane by Chris Allen SO8754 : Worcestershire Royal Hospital - easy does it by Chris Allen.

Saturday 26th January saw me revisiting a pretty site nearby on the River Avon - SO9946 : Cropthorne and Fladbury Mills by Chris Allen. The following day I was at the Great Central Railway's winter steam gala (there had been snow on the ground the day before - curses) - SK5416 : Freight train at Quorn and Woodhouse Station by Chris Allen SK5808 : Leicester North Station - King Edward II by Chris Allen SK5415 : Great Central Railway - Quorn & Woodhouse signalbox by Chris Allen. On the way home I called by Hough Windmill and Califat Colliery in the gathering gloom - SK4117 : Hough Windmill by Chris Allen SK4117 : Haystack boiler - Califat Colliery by Chris Allen.

February started with a wander round a partly flooded Worcester - SO8455 : Worcester - The Hive by Chris Allen SO8454 : Worcester - River Severn in flood by Chris Allen SO8454 : Swimming or cricket? by Chris Allen SO8455 : A chimney in Worcester by Chris Allen.

On 9th February I was in the 'Potteries' with Ashley Dace and several interesting sites were seen - SJ9143 : Gladstone Pottery - two designs of female urinal! by Chris Allen SJ8549 : Price, Kensington - National Teapot Works by Chris Allen SJ8649 : Middleport Pottery - steam engine by Chris Allen SJ8853 : Chatterley Whitfield colliery by Chris Allen SJ9152 : Former Stockton Brook Pumping Station by Chris Allen SJ8333 : Mill Meece Pumping Station by Chris Allen. The following day we both headed to Lancashire for mills and collieries - SD5705 : Trencherfield Mill - steam engine by Chris Allen SD6008 : Haigh wind pump by Chris Allen SD6108 : Wall Hey Pit ventilation shaft chimney by Chris Allen SJ7099 : Astley Green Colliery Museum - plate bending rolls by Chris Allen.

On Saturday 16th I had business at Claymills but in the afternoon managed a couple of significant Nottinghamshire sites (waste not want not) - SK4565 : Stainsby Watermill by Chris Allen SK4565 : Stainsby Mill - stone floor by Chris Allen SK5164 : Pleasley Vale - No. 1 mill by Chris Allen SK5963 : Clipstone Colliery by Chris Allen. Sunday was a trip to the Cotswolds with my sister - SP1620 : Cotswold Motoring Museum by Chris Allen SP2032 : Moreton-in-Marsh by Chris Allen.

Saturday 23rd included a trip to Bridgwater en route to Devon and a little industrial archaeology was gleaned - ST3037 : Bridgwater - The Black Bridge by Chris Allen ST3037 : Bridgwater - steam engine remains by Chris Allen ST3037 : Somerset Brick and Tile Museum by Chris Allen. The next day we called in at Bristol on our way home and saw a paddle steamer in genesis as well as other sites of interest ST5772 : Abels Shipyard, Bristol by Chris Allen ST5772 : Abels Boatyard, Bristol - mystery objects by Chris Allen ST5872 : Bristol Docks - screw schooner Amazon by Chris Allen ST5872 : The former Pearce's Granary, Welsh Back by Chris Allen.

Thus ended a relatively slow start to the year.

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