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Catchy numbers

By Robin Stott

The other week, for the first time since I became a member in February 2009, I downloaded the spreadsheet of all my submissions. That was in the afternoon and, apart from a mealbreak, I was engrossed for the rest of the day, remembering past walks and bike-rides.

It all seemed perfectly straightforward except for the column headed Hits. Hits - an assortment of numbers including zeros. What? Then the penny dropped. Hits! OMG. Top hit, with twice as many strikes as the next on the list, was SP3164 : Sikh Temple, Tachbrook Park Drive, Leamington Spa by Robin Stott I can't explain it.

Photos with the same number of hits make a sort of cross-section of the output: each of these had notched up 100 hits: 'strornery!
SP0587 : Warstone Lane Cemetery, Jewellery Quarter by Robin Stott SX9576 : St Gregory's parish church, Dawlish by Robin Stott SP2763 : Roundabout, Shakespeare Avenue, Forbes Estate, Warwick by Robin Stott SP2763 : Newburgh Primary School, Kipling Avenue, Warwick by Robin Stott SP2664 : A46 Northbound from Hampton Road bridge near Warwick by Robin Stott

Similarly, a set of memorable and tongue-twisting image IDs calls up an arbitrary selection of photos: sad or what?
Left to right: 1199660, 1196969, 1660330, 1696936, 1930693, 1933366, 1990066, 1990090, 1996600
SP3866 : Under the High Bridge by Robin Stott SP2964 : St Nicholas Park from Myton Fields by Robin Stott SX8376 : Junction of a minor road with the A38 (T) by Robin Stott SP3674 : Middlemarch Business Park from the east by Robin Stott SX7768 : Recently-mown meadow, Lake Cross by Robin Stott SX7869 : Lane down to Orlycombe Cross by Robin Stott ST6394 : Footbridge No.2, Beggarsbush Lane by Robin Stott ST6394 : Ridge-and-furrow with thistles by Robin Stott SX7663 : Hedgerow by a track west of Velwell by Robin Stott

The race is on for 2222222. Let's hope the weather improves soon. Happy New Year!

The chosen photo is my first submission.

Fri, 31 Dec 2010 at 23:49
Chosen Photo

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