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Job Posting - Filesystem Monitor

By Barry Hunter

Geograph Project Limited has a technical position available for a Photo Archivist, look after the photos submitted to LinkExternal link. This is ideally suited to anyone of a detail oriented and conscientious nature, and enjoys seeing their work enjoyed by thousands of visitors daily.

This position requires self-motivation and dedication. Will often need to take the initiative in seeking out and dealing with issues. Will work closely with other System and Database Administrators as part of the overall community.

We have a bespoke hosting solution, dedicated to preserving the 4.5Million+ photo collection, to preserve the integrity and longevity of the collection we seek to make sure that the entire collection is replicated to multiple physical servers, as well as a number of offsite backup locations. Furthermore we seek to ensure the archive is faithfully preserved in the British Library via .

Due to the size and growth of the collection (generally 1.5k daily), this replication process is non-trivial, and takes occasional monitoring and maintenance.

* Ongoing monitoring of various statistics to ensure images are being successfully maintained in each separate system.
* Liaising with various parties should an issue arise.
* Writing new replication rules and/or strategies to copy images.
* Proactive seeking out of issues, before they become a major issue

* Head for statistics and figures
* Use a web-browser

Hours: 1 hour a week (normally, can be variable). Flexi-Time, work when suits you.

Location: Remote working. A computer (or mobile phone!) with internet connection is all that is needed. (Using a web-browser, and potentially a SSH-Client)

Pay: Voluntary basis, but includes the warm glow of knowing you are helping to safeguard the work of thousands of contributors, over nearly 10 years, to the Geograph Project website.

Contact us now: LinkExternal link or see other positions LinkExternal link

Fri, 17 Jul 2015 at 17:10

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