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Job Posting - Process Nanny

By Barry Hunter

Geograph Project Limited has a position available for a Server Nanny, to monitor and maintain long term stability of system. This is ideally suited to anyone of a detail oriented and conscientious nature, and enjoys seeing their work enjoyed by thousands of visitors daily.

This position requires self-motivation and dedication. Will often need to take the initiative in seeking out and dealing with issues. Will work closely with other System and Database Administrators as part of the overall community.

The geograph website, uses a large number of automated systems to keep the site running. These systems occasionally break down, and need fixing. There is the need for someone to keep an eye on the high-level health of these systems, and proactively enlist assistance in rectifying issues.

* Ongoing monitoring of LinkExternal link and enlist the assistance of others in ensuring all systems are running and being checked regularly.

Requirements :
* Good communication skills.
* Desire to assist the geograph website in running smoothly.

Hours: 1 hour a week (normally, can be variable). Flexi-Time, work when suits you.

Location: Remote working. A computer (or mobile phone!) with internet connection is all that is needed. (To use a web-browser, and email client)

Pay: Voluntary basis, but includes the warm glow of knowing you are helping to safeguard the work of thousands of contributors, over nearly 10 years, to the Geograph Project website.

Contact us now: LinkExternal link

For other positions, see LinkExternal link

Fri, 17 Jul 2015 at 17:59

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