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Silk purses from sow's ears

By David Howard

As the clocks went back my hobby had its wings clipped for another year, till March at least of 2016. But I don't stop taking photos, I just can't collect far-flung spots on my far-flung spot list, but now after filling little taken squares previously, am now taking places within them I haven't taken yet.

TQ2564 : Tower block by Collingwood Road, Sutton by David Howard TQ1391 : 1972 Ford Transit on Rowlands Avenue, Hatch End by David Howard TQ1090 : Parade of shops on Joel Street, Northwood Hills by David Howard TQ2564 : Tower block under renovation on Chaucer Road by David Howard TQ2564 : Booze sale, Cornners shop, Sutton by David Howard TQ1594 : Field by Elstree Road, Bushey Heath by David Howard

My memory tells me pretty well where I haven't been, so use the daylight hours (both of them in some cases...) to aim in any direction I haven't got a lot of an area in, wander round it and keep my momentum going till next year. And some people provide their own light for me. TQ1456 : Do they know it's Christmas? by David Howard TQ1692 : La Mirage laser hair removal, Stanmore Hill by David Howard

New squares are harder to get of course as well, after just reaching my 10th anniversary of digital photography in November. But I spotted some gaps in Effingham at the weekend and used my Sunday to cover them while there is the minimum traffic to slow me down getting there. TQ1457 : The River Mole, Fetcham by David Howard Of course if new pre-Worboys road signs turn up I can go at night, they look better using the flash anyway and have just found one 50 miles away I plan to get soon. I am also finally mastering the process of night photography so getting some reasonable geographs without worrying about losing the daylight. TQ2688 : Garage on Bute Mews, Hampstead Garden Suburb by David Howard TQ2688 : Suit display in dry cleaner's shop, Market Place by David Howard TQ1969 : Norbiton Station at dusk by David Howard TQ1969 : Tower blocks by Cambridge Road, Kingston by David Howard I also get the odd confrontation, specifically being chased down a street after taking a picture of a garage, one already on the site. My native skills appear to have avoided any actual capture though.

So besides the road sign I have no specific plans till my next big one, if I have a free day I will just look at the map and see which patches haven't been fully covered, and traffic permitting will go there and cover it. Just off the top of my head maybe Wood Green, Bounds Green, Cockfosters, Surbiton, and anywhere else I think of should carry me through to the new season. And you never know what will turn up when you get there.

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