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Visiting the lochans in the Monadh Mor bog-forest

By Julian Paren

The Monadh Mor Site of Special Scientific Interest is for the most part trackless. The SSSI contains the best example of bog-forest in the UK. The terrain is gently undulating - the ridges contain trees and the lower areas are swampy and in places contain sheets of water. Going back 150 years to the 25 inch to the mile maps shows that even when the inhabitants needed to use the bog for peat extraction there were no real paths that crossed the area. Over the years deer and other animals (and now adventurous dog owners and walkers following in their tracks) have provided lines of easier travel through the terrain.

On this walk into Monadh Mor I wanted to get close to a number of the lochs and lochans without getting too wet or losing my boots in the softness. It was a second foray into the area for a Geotrip. The walk I did is just one of the possibilities for exploration. Following a similar track should not pose any danger if done in dry weather.

I am reminded of The Dead Marshes in Lord of the Rings in Monadh Mor.

The start and end point of this walk are the same as Geotrip 1232 You can see this trip plotted on a map on the Geo-trips page Link .

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