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The walk up Am Faochagach from the west end of Loch Glascarnoch

By Julian Paren

One route up Am Faochagach requires the fording of a normally fast flowing Highland burn, and so the route is recommended only for times of drought. After a very dry Spring, May 2017 was a good time to attempt the route.

The river crossing is rather daunting especially when the first person seen near the crossing point was above his knees in water. However there is a preferred crossing point marked by a small cairn on each bank. The east bank has the more distinguished feature to be found at NH 2806 7532. The crossing can be made literally rock hopping, although a walking stick gave added surety when crossing the widest section that required placing both feet on submerged flat rocks.

The walk to the summit and back was for my daughter and I a trip of 10.4 miles. We did detour to include the off-lying peak of Meall Gorm. The walk took just over six hours including stops.

Am Faochagach gives excellent views of Beinn Dhearg and further afield the Fannich and Fisherfield forests to the south and west while northwards Suilven was distinctive.

Nigel Brown has submitted an earlier Geo-trip in May 2002 for a very similar walk although he crossed the burn at a different place. It is linked from here.

Am Faochagach is an easy walk except for the river crossing. On the day of our visit at least five dogs got to the summit. You can see this trip plotted on a map on the Geo-trips page Link .

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