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The Canon's revenge

By Maurice Pullin

Have just had an afternoon of frustration east of Chipping Sodbury, got all lined up for my first shot of the A46, pressed the button, nothing! Camera switched on, all settings OK, nothing. Battery fully charged, nothing. Played with various controls a bit, pressed the button again, it fired! Jubilation. Tried again, nothing. Played with various controls again, pressed the button again, it fired! Tried again, nothing. Got eight shots that way, got home, downloaded them, they were all out of focus just far enough to be unusable. But I don't give up easily*. Kicked the camera round the living room a few times (metaphorically that is) then tried a few shots from the bedroom window - PERFECT!!!

Not a totally wasted afternoon, called in at the Cotswold Spring Brewery, my favourite, not far south of Chipping Sodbury. Got four cases of the best ready for Christmas.
* Tried again Monday 13th (without the trip to CSB) uploading results "as we speak".

Fri, 10 Dec 2010 at 16:05
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