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Rona wrap-up

By Toby Speight

For two years, I've intended to return to Rona to finish off the few remaining green squares. This weekend brought settled fine weather, a favourable tide (low in the early afternoon for those low-lying rocks) and, not least, no personal commitments.

So I set off out along Loch Torridon, arriving at Rubha na Fearna NG7161 : Sandstone dips into the sea by Toby Speight an hour or so below low tide. Unable to find Murchadh Breac immediately, I put in briefly to get an accurate grid reference - and found the rock, still half a metre below. Hanging around for an hour or so allowed me to photograph it awash NG7061 : Murchadh Breac awash at low tide by Toby Speight, then I was off to Rona.

Cow Rock NG6262 : Cow Rock by Toby Speight was my first target, though I failed to include any of the seals or puffins that were around. I tried to get Na Gamhnachain and its buoy NG6363 : Skerry and buoy by Toby Speight in the background, but those pictures were unusable due to water blurring on the lens.

A small tidal rock NG6161 : Skerry off Rubha na Sgàth Mòire by Toby Speight was all that's in NG6161; NG6160 has much more land, and I chose to climb to the top of the tallest island to get a good view of the skerries NG6160 : Sgeirean Buidhe Bhorlum by Toby Speight. That completes hectad NG66.

Heading south, I was briefly distracted by a couple of dolphins leaping (you can see on the GPS track where I circled around for a better look), but eventually reached Garbh Eilean, and captured the tiny portion that extends into NG6253 NG6253 : The eastern tip of Garbh Eilean by Toby Speight. I believed I had completed NG65, but discovered after I got back that I'd missed one near the beginning of the trip - that's easily reachable by land, so I can probably return quite soon to bag that on another day. After that, it was a matter of following a bearing back to Murchadh Breac, and thence to Kenmore. Total time just over ten hours, distance 50.7km.

You can see this trip plotted on a map on the Geo-trips page at LinkExternal link .

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Tue, 5 Jul 2011 at 12:47
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