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Overzealous Policing

75 months ago
A lovely day in the sunshine, a chance to go out and about taking photos in the countryside. Today Saturday 1 June 2013 I decided to head out to West Somerset. I hadnt been there for a while, and there were a few Geograph squares just north of Wimbleball I thought Id go and have a nice long walk in the sunshine there. Parking at around 3:30pm and making sure my GPS satellite was on, I headed out from the lake towards Withiel Florey and Treborough, as I got back to where I started at...

Chapel Street residents bear the brunt of River Lowman flooding

83 months ago
Tiverton : Chapel Street
The following is from my own website LinkExternal link - TIVERTON residents in Chapel Street were shifting sandbags this afternoon when their road was flooded from excess water in the River Lowman within the space of thirty minutes. The River Lowman burst its banks and the residents say it is the worst flooding they have seen in over quarter of a century. The environment agency issued a flood warning for Chapel Street and surrounding areas at 2:29pm today (Thursday 11 October 2012),...

An amoosing story - but don't milk the puns

94 months ago
Tiverton : Hedgerow & Lawn on Beech Tree Drive
WOULD you heifer believe it? A herd of cattle caused a cow-tastrophy in Broomhill this morning after escaping from a nearby field. Residents of Broomhill Road, Southfield Way and Beech Tree Drive in Tiverton were woken by the sight of up to fifty black and white cattle causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to their gardens. Police were alerted at 4am and were helped by the farmer to return the cattle back to where they had escaped from. Gordon Mears from Broomhill Drive was...

An Adventurous Photograph 1

105 months ago
Mid Devon : Burnt Out Car
BEING quite a way out from the town testing out my new SLR on the second day I'd had it - and getting a bug stuck in the viewfinder on the same day in a nearby square - I was happily wandering around in the countryside by myself miles away from the main town and from civilisation. As I walked down a steep hill a Land Rover passed, stopped, and reversed back up the road. A man with long hair and a dog peered at me through the window. "Are you the chap that does all the videos in the town?"...
devon england adventure photograph burnt car stranger

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