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Jam lives again

36 months ago
(Jam is the name of one of our servers. Which following a forum contest have been named along a Tea set theme. So it helps power the site along with Toast, Scone, Milk and Cream) Jam has been in operation 24 hours a day, since mid 2006. For the first 5 years, it faithfully held the primary copy of the photographs. It had 1.5TB of disk space in a Raid 5 SATA array. By the beginning of last year, it was getting noticeably slow, and also the available disk space was beginning to fill...
geograph servers upgrade report

Geograph blocks pinning

39 months ago
============================ Update, Sept 2012: We have since removed the block. As Pinterest now credits geograph images properly. A link to the photo page, and the contributors name and profile appear on the "Pin" page. ============================ Geograph have just instigated a policy of blocking pinning on LinkExternal link This means users of the service will not be able to directly pin images from the Geograph websites. This is motivated by the fact that the...

Welcome to the new Blog section

54 months ago
This is strictly experimental and not finished. Feedback welcome.
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