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November Update

28 months ago
Bardon Hill Sidings
So its now November and my last blog was in September. I have done a fair bit considering several hurdles. First of all I did a couple churches with Norman features, most notably Norman doorways. I also found Beeston Regis priory. Photo PhotoPhoto Photo Photo The geology talk at Weybourne was very interesting, it was hosted by the Norfolk Geological Society. PhotoPhoto My last geographing day in Norfolk/Suffolk was spent at...

More Industrial Meanderings

28 months ago
Claymills Victorian Pumping station - warming the outdoor exhibits
I realise that I haven't blogged since my description of an epic day in London at the end of August. However, apart from two weeks out of the country, I have been plugging away and it is now time to bring you up to speed. The weekend of 24 and 25 September found me on duty at Claymills Victorian Pumping Station and I used the opportunity to add to my collection of photographs of this large and spectacular site - Photo Photo Photo Photo. I even got a PotY...
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