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  • There's a rock in my garden!
    Tunbridge Wells Sandstone
    Shared Description by N Chadwick, 241 images. Updated 26 days ago.
    Tunbridge Wells sandstone is Lower Cretaceous in age. It was lain down in large braided ... makes for good rock climbing in the SE of England. | | Tunbridge Wells Sandstone
  • Permian Sandstone in Rosebrae Quarry
    Laich of Moray Sandstones
    Shared Description by Anne Burgess, 30 images. Updated 1 months ago.
    ... geological record contains two major successions of sandstone, the Old Red Sandstone (ORS) and the New Red Sandstone (NRS). Both successions were formed in ... reptiles, were discovered in the Cuttieshillock and the nearby Hopeman sandstone. The reptiles have been given names which reflect their place ...
  • Valtos Sandstone
    Valtos Sandstone: Concretions and Dykes
    Shared Description by Anne Burgess, 32 images. Updated 11 months ago.
    ... extensive lagoons. Fossils found in thin limestone beds within the Valtos sandstone suggest that these lagoons were almost fresh water until the sea ... resistant to erosion. Over time the basalts and the softer, unbaked sandstone further from the dykes were eroded away, leaving double ridges of ...
  • Sandstone Trail Marker
    Sandstone Trail
    Shared Description by Eirian Evans, 5 images. Updated 19 months ago.
    The Sandstone Trail stretches for 34 miles/55 kilometres across lovely rural Cheshire and north Shropshire. It's one of the finest and most popular long distance walks in North West England, in the UK and goes from Frodsham to Whitchurch. | | Sandstone Trail
  • Old sandstone quarry
    Old sandstone quarry
    Shared Description by Lairich Rig, 3 images. Updated 36 months ago.
    An old quarry (red sandstone) is located above the south-eastern side of Cardross Road. See (at WoSAS) for details. | | Old sandstone quarry
  • More of the famous red sandstone
    Sandstone cliffs
    Category, 2 images. Updated 83 months ago.
    0 | | Sandstone cliffs
  • Sandstone cottage on Delph Lane
    Sandstone cottage
    Category, 3 images. Updated 90 months ago.
    0 | | Sandstone cottage

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