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What makes a good Geograph?

General [View more]

What is Geographing?
There's a page I once saw on Geograph, and I can't find it again!
What do all these strange words mean?
Open source? Creative Commons? What's that all about?
Who built this marvellous site?

Viewing Images [View more]

I disagree with the location or title of an image - what can I do?
Counties, I'm confused, which do you display?
I've seen little thumbs-up symbols around the site, what are they?
I'm concerned about a photo or comment I have seen on the site.
I use AOL, and the images look terrible!
Many thumbnails seem to be missing, any idea of the cause?

Reusing Geograph Content [View more]

Do you have an RSS feed?
I would be interested in using Geograph content, is that possible?

Photo Contributors [View more]

What makes a good Geograph?
How do I find which squares need photographing?
What are my legal rights when taking photographs?
Why must I agree to allow commercial use of my image?

Photo Contributors :: Contributing [View more]

Do I need to resize my photos? Are there size limits?
I made a mistake on my submission, how do I change it?

Points and Moderation [View more]

Do you accept multiple images per square?
What is a Supplemental image?
How do I get a Geograph point for my image?
What are TPoints, how do they work?

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