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Can I upload pictures I have inherited from a deceased relative?
You can, as long as you now hold the copyright in the image, which will be the case if you've inherited them. During submission, you will be asked in step 4 to confirm the Creative Commons licence. You should untick 'I am the photographer' and enter the name of your deceased relative there. The picture will then show on your profile but will be credited to your relative. Alternative, you can change the credit after submission by clicking 'change image details' under the photo and then 'change credit' after your name.

If you are sure that you hold the copyright but there are several possible deceased relatives which could have taken the picture, you can submit them under a name such as 'Smith family archive'.
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Points and Moderation

family snap
I am guessing this is a question as to the suitability of family snaps. The general rule is the people should be the secondary element of the photo rather than the main feature, and posed shots (it can be worked out in most cases) are more suitable to other photo sites as not related to the area they are in. Having said that a discussion thread has refined this recently, and the general conclusion was if there are local events or occupations which are taken spontaneously then a person featuring as the main subject can be included although without a reasonable amount of background would normally be added as a supplemental*. But for straightforward posed family snaps then the only circumstance they would be suitable is if they were a small part of the whole scene, and as with most the older the photo the more flexible the criteria.

*From 11 May 2016 the Supplemental classification will be replaced by Image Type Tags: see link
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