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Photo appears as portrait in MS File Explorer, but when I submit it displays horizontal; any tips?
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How do I upload a photo in Portrait to display correctly? It uploads to landscape.
You may be able to set the camera to preserve portrait format when uploading (or is it downloading?). Consult the user guide.

Canon calls it the Auto Rotate Function. Icon is a camera symbol with an upward pointing arrow above it; this appears in the top right corner of the LCD screen. "Your camera is equipped with an Intelligent Orientation sensor that detects the orientation of an image with the camera held vertically and automatically rotates it to the correct orientation when viewing it in the LCD monitor Even if the Auto Rotate function is set to [On], the orientation of images downloaded to a computer will depend on the software used to download the images."

Portrait format is certainly preserved when downloading with Apple's iPhoto on a Mac. No experience of other software. I checked my old Sony Cybershot but I can't find an equivalent function.
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