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when I click on "search images" a drop down list of names unconnected with Geograph appears, how do I get rid of this feature?


How do I delete search memory?
How do I save a search to use again?

Photo Contributors

I have licensed a larger size than I intended, what should I do?
Can new items be added to the subject list?
Can I replace a year old photo with an identical one of better quality?
How do I delete a photo sent in by error?
How do I delete my account? no photos submitted
I have just joined the site and wondered if I could upload photos with link to my own website on them
Any rule about cloning out? Should one blurr out faces of people in the photo? What about ugly wires, aerials?
How do i close my account?
Can I change the category of photos submitted a year or more ago?

Photo Contributors :: Contributing

I have licensed an image larger than I intended, can I remove it?
I need to remove a picture I uploaded, is this possible?

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