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when I click on "search images" a drop down list of names unconnected with Geograph appears, how do I get rid of this feature?


There's a page I once saw on Geograph, and I can't find it again!
How do I delete search memory?
How do I save a search to use again?
Why are you introducing Geographical Context?

Viewing Images

Counties, I'm confused, which do you display?
What are those little thumbs to the right of the images about?
The search interface seem complicated, where can I find a simple introduction?
Why can I only get to page 20 of search results?
How can I find out which of my photos have Tpoints?
Can I subscribe to a square and receive a notification when new photos are added to it?
Are images on Geograph automatically uploaded to Google Earth as well?
What is the "community showcase"?

Reusing Geograph Content

Do you have an RSS feed?
Can I create my own photo collection based on a theme of my choice - if so, how ?

Photo Contributors

What is an ITT?
I've got a photo of an unknown castle (harbour, sheepfold,...) - do you know where it is?
Can I find out which of my images have been re-used on other websites?
I'm a competitive pub (trigpoint, peacock, door knocker...) collector. Is there a specific leaderboard for me?

Photo Contributors :: Contributing

How do I upload a photo in Portrait to display correctly? It uploads to landscape.
What are shared descriptions, and how can I add them?
How do I choose tags for my images?

Points and Moderation

Is there a list of all the squares that I got personal points for?

Finding way in the forum

I've got a picture of an insect (plant, pillbox, locomotive...). Can you help identify it for me?

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