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Viewing Images

I've seen little thumbs-up symbols around the site, what are they?
Simply click them if you like the image and/or description (separate entries in the thumb pop-up for each).

We don't know what use we will make of the data, but note that there are number of things we won't do. We won't disclose who is voting (all anonymous), we won't be using it to produce leaderboards, and we won't be disclosing which images that have few/no votes. The general idea is to simply find great content worth showcasing.

See this page for a bit more information, and the general principles behind voting on Geograph. link
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Who decides which photos go in the "Gallery" section and on what basis ?
Images are added to the Gallery as the result of 'Thumbs up' clicks, featuring in some forum threads, moderator 'voting', and there is a dedicated 'suggest more' link on the page. So the basis is largely subjective user preference.
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