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SJ8097 : Walking with the Snownam™ #10,
Snowman number 10 is situated at the side of ThePitch@MediaCityUK, behind the main buildings. Ten fictional members of the House of Lords leap across the sculpture in their red and white peerage robes. Artist Hammo has painted them to reflect and celebrate the diversity of Britain. The sculpture is sponsored by event producers Wild in Art, who celebrate their 10th anniversary this year (2018).
SE1944 : The former Yorkgate Quarry
The contours on a 1948 6-inch map do not suggest a quarry here, so it has presumably been worked since then.
O1235 : Chesterfield Avenue, Phoenix Park
TQ3079 : River Thames: the view upstream...
...towards Waterloo Bridge, the London Eye (on the south side of the river) and farther back (on the north side of the river) Victoria Tower of the Palace of Westminster.
O1235 : Footpath in Phoenix Park
SJ8097 : Walking with the Snowman™ #8, Eight Maids a-Milking
Snowman number 8 is situated at the corner of the ITV building on Trafford Wharf. Artist Donna Newman has responded in a quirky way to the verse Eight Maids-a-Milking, by transforming The Snowman into a giant cow. The design uses Scandinavian-inspired milkmaids playfully dancing their way around the cow on ice skates.
SK5837 : Peveril Court, Melton Road
Modern housing where there was a toll house in 1840
SU6248 : Farleigh Road, Cliddesden
O1235 : Phoenix Park
SE2044 : Signs on a gateway
The banner advertises an annual stone wall building competition and regualr training courses; on the gatepost is painted a sign that says "cafe - tea - pub" and probably refers to the Royalty pub nearby [[2549977]].
SU0162 : Bridge 137, Avon and Kennet Canal
This is in Devizes. The two concrete cylinders are WW2 road blocks. The canal was part of the GHQ stop line.
O1235 : Trees, Phoenix Park
SE2044 : A well-built stone wall on Otley Chevin
A poster [[]] advertises this as the location of an annual stone-wall-building competition, so it's not surprising that this wall is sturdily built with lots of through stones. The curve in it follows the edge of a disused quarry [[6001941]].
O1235 : All Ireland Polo Club
O1235 : All Ireland Polo Club