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TR3752 : Deal Castle: Well
ST6071 : Bristol style
If it doesn't move quick enough, it will be given a new look, Bristol style.
TQ7416 : Garden at Batle Museum
The walled garden at the museum at the northern end of the High Street in Battle.
TQ0049 : Guildford - Gap Town
Brodie Road, houses built on the eastern slopes of the Wey Gap.
TR3752 : Deal Castle: Basement wine store
SU9167 : Wooden Figure on the Common
Another view of this unusual carving in the middle of a small country park on the edge of Ascot.
SU1157 : Bridleway to Hilcott [2]
The bridleway continues across the flat landscape.
ST6071 : Sagging ventilators in School Road
Not a common sight these days, but they were in post-war times: ventilation ducts give a clue as to what lies beneath the pavement, even if they are looking a little tired.
NT1748 : Burn at Halmyre Deans
A small and apparently nameless burn draining the southwestern side of Deans Hill.
TR3752 : Deal Castle: Basement wall construction
SJ3390 : 'Four lads who shook the World', The Beatles
The Beatles statues on Canada Boulevard are an irresistible subject for tourists' cameras. The Port of Liverpool Building provides a magnificent imposing backdrop.
SU1157 : Bridleway to Hilcott [1]
From the same camera position as [[5262042]], this is the view along the public bridleway to Hilcott.
TR3752 : Deal Castle: Basement room with English Heritage information panels
SU9950 : William Stevens and Sons, Guildford
Stern of one of the last remaining River Wey barges. They once worked from Guildford to London.
SU9167 : Carving on the Common
A wooden figure in the middle of a bit of park and woodland on the edge of Ascot.