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SD9204 : Oldham Central Metrolink station
TG0604 : Dereham Road near Danemoor Green
NS3974 : Dumbarton Castle: small chamber beyond the Portcullis Arch
For the Portcullis Arch, see [[1381252]]. When ascending the flight of steps shown there, the small structure shown in the present picture is just beyond the arch. I believe there is some uncertainly about the nature of the small cell-like feature in the present picture; I was told that it might be a prison, or a well. From its general appearance, it is tempting to identify it as the "black-hole" in which some prisoners were formerly confined; for comments by earlier writers on that cell, see [[5348795]]. It is worth noting though that, as mentioned at the link just given, nineteenth-century local historians seem to have placed the "black-hole" further to the north, beside the barracks; they may even have been referring to what was in reality the well-house (again, see the link just given), a feature which they do not mention separately. Dr MacPhail, in his book "Dumbarton Castle", mentions two wells: the upper was the one just referred to, while the lower was "situated at the top of the stairs beyond the portcullis arch". Dr MacPhail was generally very well informed, and that description fits the location shown in the present picture. Therefore, although I do not wish to be dogmatic about the nature of this small feature, it does seem that the lower well was located at or near this spot.
SE2334 : Outbuilding at rear of #548 Broad Lane
The Leeds & Bradford Road face of the building is pebbledashed. The gate to its right carries the number 709.
TG0503 : Hardingham Road by Ashtree Farm
NN8521 : Burrell Street, Crieff towards Gallowhill
TM3188 : River Farm, Earsham
River Farm is the former home of the late Naturalist Philip Wayre, who was founder of The Otter Trust. There are a string of interconnected ponds between the farmhouse and the River Waveney, which were largely manmade and some formerly used as Otter pens.
TG0501 : Flowering Cherry on Low Common Road, Deopham
TG0400 : Rain on the way!
ST1368 : Jenner Street houses and cars, Cadoxton, Barry
Jenner Street is a dead-end street on the southeast side of Vere Street.
TG0400 : Deopham WW1 War Memorial
SK8314 : Church of St Andrew, Whissendine
The nave, looking east. The arcades are both 13th century, but the north arcade has more decorative capitals than the south. Both have a mix of circular and clustered columns.
TG0400 : Deopham WW2 War Memorial
NY9364 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark with Bolt
This mark can be found on the wall of Hexham Abbey. The benchmark height is recorded as being 55.09 metres above sea level. For more detail see :
ST1368 : Jenner Street, Cadoxton, Barry
Viewed from the southeast end of the dead-end street looking towards Vere Street 80 metres from the camera.