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NR4173 : Coast north of Bunnahabhain
Sgarbh Breac in the Islay mist!
NZ0015 : Pastures near North Thornberry Farm
SU9873 : Crimp Hill near Woodside
Minor rural road near Windsor Great Park.
NZ0014 : Ruined Barn near Milestone House
SJ9756 : Belle Vue Road, Leek
The junction of Belle Vue Road (ahead) and Macclesfield Road, early morning in summer. On the corner on the left is St John's Church.
TL1941 : Langford Level Crossing
Langford Level Crossing is at the end of East Road which is a cul-de-sac off Langford Road. The gates are hand operated by the user and a green light indicates it is safe to cross quickly over the East Coast Main Line. There are also separate pedestrian gatesThere are four tracks - the nearest one being the down slow, then the down fast, the up fast and the up slow. Beyond is a track leading past Balls Farm to a network of footpaths to the south of Biggleswade and west of the A1. To the right is a glimpse of Langford Wind Farm, opened in 2013.
NC8538 : Creag Sail a' Bhathaich
Viewed from the Greamachary track
NZ0014 : On the Footpath between North Thornberry and the A67
Not apparent on the ground, but marked on the map - the footpath approaches a stile in the wall, partially obscured by the tree growing at an angle of 45 degrees.
NR4172 : The track to Cnoc Laspaic
Through the bracken and scrub. Cnoc Sgarabais with its top in the mist.
NC8539 : The croft at Greamachary
The two ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior) by the croft are the only trees for many miles around. The peak of Ben Griam Beg is in the background
ST2077 : Trees on a green in the middle of Clydesmuir Road, Cardiff
On the NE side of an oval green in the middle of Clydesmuir Road near the Pengam Road junction.
NZ0013 : Small Stone Barn near Myre Keld Farm
My slightly ancient definitive map spells the farm as "Mire" not "Myre" This stone outbuilding in located amongst a sea of nettles, close to the footpath between the farm and the A66.
X0498 : The Deanery, Lismore
An altered late eighteenth century house.
NC5803 : Where the naughty sheep go
One of the few pens at Lairg Auction Mart with a label
ST2077 : Clydesmuir Road houses opposite a green, Cardiff
On the south side of an oval green in the middle of Clydesmuir Road near the Pengam Road junction.