Geo-Trips :: A circuit round the Burn of Rothes

Burn of Rothes

A walk from Rothes Golf Club, Fri, 17 Feb 2017 by Anne Burgess

It was a glorious day so we set out for a stroll. Leaving the car, with kind permission, at Rothes Golf Club, we were able to make a circuit (with occasional side forays) of about 9 miles out along the north side and back on the south side of the glen. We were delighted to find that so much of the dense conifer plantations had been felled, opening up views across the countryside, and that several of the forest tracks have been upgraded, making for mostly very comfortable walking.

Click the blue circles to see a photograph taken from that spot and read further information about the location. The blue lines indicate the direction of view. There is also a slideshow of this trip. ( )

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NJ2648 : Rothes Golf Course by Anne Burgess
Rothes Golf Course
I think this is the second green. The fact that it is February, and the course is... more

NJ2548 : Waymarker by Anne Burgess
This waymarks the spot where the Doonies walk meets the forestry road as it... more

NJ2548 : Above the Burn of Rothes by Anne Burgess
Above the Burn of Rothes
The glen drained by the burn of Rothes doesn't seem to have a separate name of its... more

NJ2548 : Burn of Rothes by Anne Burgess
Burn of Rothes
Looking downstream from the forestry road bridge.

NJ2548 : Beside the Burn of Rothes by Anne Burgess
Beside the Burn of Rothes
Somewhere downstream here there is said to be an ancient burial ground, but even... more

NJ2548 : Hairpin Bend by Anne Burgess
Hairpin Bend
After crossing the Burn of Rothes, the forest road climbs the north bank with a... more

NJ2548 : Forest Road by Anne Burgess
Forest Road
The road climbing up from the hairpin bend at the foot of the glen.

NJ2548 : Forest Road by Anne Burgess
Forest Road
The maps show a ford at the Burn of Rothes, but it has been replaced by a bridge.

NJ2548 : Forest Remnant by Anne Burgess
Forest Remnant
Almost all of this area is shown on the maps as forestry. We were very happy to... more

NJ2548 : Dead Tree by Anne Burgess
Dead Tree
I'm not sure what species this is. It has survived being surrounded by conifers,... more

NJ2449 : Forest Road by Anne Burgess
Forest Road
This road is mapped, but has evidently been rebuilt recently, probably for the... more

NJ2449 : Young Plantation by Anne Burgess
Young Plantation
After the felling, wide vistas have been opened up through the forestry. They... more

NJ2449 : View from the Forest by Anne Burgess
View from the Forest
Looking south across the young trees planted in an area previously felled. On the... more

NJ2449 : Aftermath of a Storm by Anne Burgess
Aftermath of a Storm
It looks as if these trees have been blown down across the road, making it... more

NJ2349 : Forest Track by Anne Burgess
Forest Track
The fine new forest road doesn't (yet?) reach as far as here, where only a much... more

NJ2349 : Forest Road by Anne Burgess
Forest Road
In this area the road runs along a sort of causeway through some fairly boggy... more

NJ2249 : A Scene of Devastation by Anne Burgess
A Scene of Devastation
Vast conifer plantations are unnatural and not very appealing, but they pale into... more

NJ2249 : Beside the Burn of Welltokie by Anne Burgess
Beside the Burn of Welltokie
The felling of the conifers has opened up a view up the course of the Burn of Welltokie.

NJ2248 : Forest Track by Anne Burgess
Forest Track
The track is on the left bank of the Burn of Welltokie, which is hidden among the... more

NJ2248 : Burn of Welltokie by Anne Burgess
Burn of Welltokie
Just before it joins the Burn of Rothes, the Burn of Welltokie flows through an... more

NJ2348 : Burn of Rothes by Anne Burgess
Burn of Rothes
The mapped track almost fizzles out here, but we were just able to find and follow... more

NJ2348 : Unnamed Tributary by Anne Burgess
Unnamed Tributary
This is one of many small unnamed burns that have carved valleys in the glacial... more

NJ2348 : Sand Quarry by Anne Burgess
Sand Quarry
Interestingly, this area is shown as a field on the first edition of the six-inch... more

NJ2348 : Remains of a Dyke by Anne Burgess
Remains of a Dyke
This dyke is on the First Edition of the six-inch Ordnance Survey map, and also on... more

NJ2348 : Forest Clearing by Anne Burgess
Forest Clearing
This is one of several areas which have been clear felled.

NJ2448 : Netherly by Anne Burgess
The gate leads into one of two walled enclosures labelled sheepfolds on the first... more

NJ2448 : Nether-ley by Anne Burgess
The farm is named as Netherly on the maps, but in the 18th century parish... more

NJ2448 : Netherley by Anne Burgess
This is one of several documented spellings of this place name. The image shows... more

NJ2448 : The Nether Ley by Anne Burgess
The Nether Ley
This is the remains of the house at Nether-Ley. It has deteriorated significantly... more

NJ2448 : Nether-Ley by Anne Burgess
Compare with [[[399917]]], which is almost the identical view ten years earlier.... more

NJ2448 : Tree Stumps by Anne Burgess
Tree Stumps
Until quite recently, this area was thickly planted with conifers. It has been... more

NJ2448 : Former Forest by Anne Burgess
Former Forest
A large area which has bean clear felled, leaving only a small stand of bare trunks.

NJ2447 : Drainage Ditch by Anne Burgess
Drainage Ditch
The ditch is either new or has recently been cleared to allow the water to drain... more

NJ2547 : Burn of Rothes by Anne Burgess
Burn of Rothes
The nearer house is mapped as Burn of Rothes on modern maps, but on the first... more

NJ2547 : 'Tystie' at Greenbank by Anne Burgess
'Tystie' at Greenbank
'Tystie' is the Shetland name for the Black Guillemot, a seabird that breeds along... more

NJ2547 : Dounie Cottage by Anne Burgess
Dounie Cottage
This cottage was ruinous but has been well restored to be lived in. It is named as... more

All images © Anne Burgess and available under a Creative Commons licence external link.

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