Geo-Trips :: Shetland (13) - A flying visit to Foula!

Foula, Shetland

A walk from Foula airstrip, Wed, 15 Jun 2016 by David Purchase

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The island of Foula is a short 15-minute flight west from Tingwall (near Lerwick). I was booked this morning, but was warned that the winds were strong enough that they might not be able to bring me back in the afternoon! As I had to leave Shetland the next day, I could not take the risk. I spent much of the day in the extreme south of Mainland - see Shetland (12).

However in the afternoon the flight was going, and I was confident that the pilot would want to (and be able to) get back that day, so I went to Foula, hopped out and got a couple of photos, and flew straight back again. An expensive 45-minute joy-ride (about £80) but a lot cheaper than returning from Bristol the following year!

Two photos hardly make a Geo-trip, but in the context of the 15 linked trips in the Shetland Islands I wanted to include Foula. Then I found that I must include at least three photos, hence the photo at Tingwall Airport. That has the unfortunate effect that the 'marker' on the main Geo-trip map is in the Atlantic Ocean.

Myriad HT was safely 'in the bag'. That leaves just HX, MC and NE. HX (Sule Skerry) is just about possible (and has subsequently been achieved, thanks to my good friend Michael Earnshaw), but MC (Rockall) and NE (a large oil platform in the North Sea) I deem wholly impracticable.

Click the blue circles to see a photograph taken from that spot and read further information about the location. The blue lines indicate the direction of view. There is also a slideshow of this trip. ( )

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HU4145 : Flight DFL003 ready to depart by David Purchase
Flight DFL003 ready to depart
This flight from Tingwall to Foula was about 45 minutes late. Strong crosswinds... more

HT9737 : Foula from the north end of the airstrip by David Purchase
Foula from the north end of the airstrip
I was booked to spend the day on Foula, but the morning flight was delayed (see... more

HT9637 : The church on Foula by David Purchase
The church on Foula
The slopes of Hamnafield are beyond. I was booked to spend the day on Foula,... more

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