Geo-Trips :: The Speyside Way from Cragganmore to Carron


A walk from Cragganmore, Tue, 3 Dec 2019 by Anne Burgess

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As it was the dead of winter we decided to stay on low ground and a well-made path, so we opted for the section of the Speyside Way north of Ballindalloch. This follows the former Strathspey Railway all the way, making for easy level walking. At some points it is even quite close to the river, so you see more of the river than on the sections further south. The light began to fail at Carron, which is why the photos stop at Carron although we carried on to Aberlour.

Click the blue circles to see a photograph taken from that spot and read further information about the location. The blue lines indicate the direction of view. There is also a slideshow of this trip. ( )

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NJ1636 : The Old Granary by Anne Burgess
The Old Granary
Now called the Old Granary, this was built about 1863 as a goods shed for... more

NJ1737 : Strathspey Railway by Anne Burgess
Strathspey Railway
This is the trackbed of the Strathspey Railway, now part of the Speyside Way.

NJ1737 : Bracket Fungi by Anne Burgess
Bracket Fungi
I think it might be Fomes fomentarius syn Ungulina fomentaria. The Latin adjective... more

NJ1737 : Allt a' Gheallaidh by Anne Burgess
Allt a' Gheallaidh
This is the last few yards of Allt a' Gheallaidh before it meets the River Spey. I... more

NJ1737 : Allt a' Gheallaidh by Anne Burgess
Allt a' Gheallaidh
Looking upstream from the bridge that carries the Speyside Way acoss the burn. In... more

NJ1737 : Pitchroy Lodge by Anne Burgess
Pitchroy Lodge
A shooting lodge built about 1895, with additions about 1930.

NJ1838 : Riverwood House by Anne Burgess
Riverwood House
At least I think that is its name. On the older maps it is marked as Gortons Cottages.

NJ1838 : Shed at Blacksboat by Anne Burgess
Shed at Blacksboat
Outside the shed are three broken waymarkers, and there are more on the other side... more

NJ1839 : Fishing Hut by Anne Burgess
Fishing Hut
Closed for the winter, and awaiting the opening of the salmon fishing season on 11... more

NJ1839 : Haugh by the Spey by Anne Burgess
Haugh by the Spey
A haugh is a water-meadow, and the railway builders wisely chose a route along the... more

NJ1841 : Cally Burn by Anne Burgess
Cally Burn
This is the last few yards of the Cally Burn before it meets the Spey, viewed from... more

NJ1841 : Rowan Berries by Anne Burgess
Rowan Berries
Yellow rather than scarlet, but providing a splash of colour in the grey winter landscape.

NJ1941 : Dalbeallie by Anne Burgess
The station that is now called Tamdhu was originally called Dalbeallie after this... more

NJ1941 : Dalbeallie by Anne Burgess
The traditional stone farm house, viewed from the Speyside Way.

NJ1941 : Three Trunks by Anne Burgess
Three Trunks
A trio of moss-covered tree trunks, lying almost horizontal.

NJ1941 : Forever Entwined by Anne Burgess
Forever Entwined
I can't quite make up my mind whether this is one tree that has divided and then... more

NJ2141 : Bankhead Cottage by Anne Burgess
Bankhead Cottage
The Speyside Way rejoins the public road for a short distance here.

NJ2141 : Barns and Byres by Anne Burgess
Barns and Byres
Several generations of sheds at a farm unnamed on the maps.

NJ2241 : Carron Station by Anne Burgess
Carron Station
Instantly recognisable because of its similarity to other buildings along the line... more

NJ2241 : Delmunach Distillery by Anne Burgess
Delmunach Distillery
The Imperial Distillery, which stood on this site, was demolished in 2013 and... more

All images © Anne Burgess and available under a Creative Commons licence external link.

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