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A walk from Herricks, Mon, 16 Mar 2020 by Anne Burgess

The modest hill of Meikle Balloch offers a maze of forest roads and tracks, some of which have been waymarked by the Forestry Commission, and all the tracks and paths we followed were firm and dry, making for easy walking. We saw no other walkers at all; it is a great pity that more use is not being made of such a pleasant walk. We diverted off the main waymarked circular route a couple of times, adding two miles to the advertised 5½ miles. Unfortunately it was overcast and fairly dull, so there are fewer photographs than there might have been if it had been brighter.

Click the blue circles to see a photograph taken from that spot and read further information about the location. The blue lines indicate the direction of view. There is also a slideshow of this trip. ( )

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NJ4548 : Reservoir on Meikle Balloch by Anne Burgess
Reservoir on Meikle Balloch
I assume that this is one of several reservoirs feeding the water treatment plant... more

NJ4647 : Quarry Entrance by Anne Burgess
Quarry Entrance
This large quarry supplies road metal for the Forestry Commission.

NJ4647 : Faint Path by Anne Burgess
Faint Path
The path leaves the waymarked route and ascends in the direction of the summit.

NJ4747 : Side Road by Anne Burgess
Side Road
This side road eventually goes to Loanhead. It passes Little Balloch, which is not... more

NJ4747 : Forest on Meikle Balloch by Anne Burgess
Forest on Meikle Balloch
Tall mature Scots Pines on the south-eastern slope of Meikle Balloch.

NJ4747 : Young Forest by Anne Burgess
Young Forest
This area has been felled and replanted, offering views towards the top of the Balloch.

NJ4747 : Forest Signpost by Anne Burgess
Forest Signpost
The road to the right leads to Sittinghillock, though the sign spells it Sittinghilloch.

NJ4848 : Balloch Burn Loop by Anne Burgess
Balloch Burn Loop
Noticing a waymark to the Balloch Burn Loop, we decided to investigate. This is... more

NJ4848 : Balloch Burn Bridge by Anne Burgess
Balloch Burn Bridge
The bridge was built to take the loop path across the Balloch Burn. Compare this... more

NJ4848 : Missing Waymarker by Anne Burgess
Missing Waymarker
The Balloch Burn Loop bears right here, away from the road. There must presumably... more

NJ4848 : Clear Felled Forest by Anne Burgess
Clear Felled Forest
The road emerges here from among the trees into a cleared area. Tree stumps make... more

NJ4748 : Forest Waymarker by Anne Burgess
Forest Waymarker
The sign indicates the eastern end of the Balloch Burn Loop off the route round... more

NJ4849 : Near Paties Croft by Anne Burgess
Near Paties Croft
Paties Croft is named on the first edition of the six-inch Ordnance Survey map... more

NJ4849 : Water Supply by Anne Burgess
Water Supply
This has been in use as a water supply for a very long time. It is marked as... more

NJ4849 : Water Testing Point by Anne Burgess
Water Testing Point
The blue sign inside the padlocked enclosure says that this is a water testing... more

NJ4849 : Across Paties Burn by Anne Burgess
Across Paties Burn
Paties Burn flows down the bottom of this gully. A clearing allows an excellent... more

NJ4750 : Path to Gardenhead by Anne Burgess
Path to Gardenhead
One of several tracks and small paths giving access to Meikle Balloch from all round.

NJ4750 : Open Land on Meikle Balloch by Anne Burgess
Open Land on Meikle Balloch
This area must have been felled a long time ago, because the heather and... more

NJ4750 : Meikle Cantly by Anne Burgess
Meikle Cantly
One of the few gaps in the trees beside the forest road allows a view to the farm... more

NJ4750 : Forest Access near Cantly Croft by Anne Burgess
Forest Access near Cantly Croft
There's just about space for one carefully parked car outside this gate into the... more

All images © Anne Burgess and available under a Creative Commons licence external link.

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