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A boat trip from Shiant Islands, Sun, 29 Sep 2013 by Toby Speight

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Blessed with the same calm weather as yesterday, I left the Shiant Islands in a good mood. First, I headed west past the Galtachan, photographing the western end as I passed, then to the Shiants buoy that marks the southbound shipping lane.

Crossing the shipping lane, I headed for Lewis, spotting an interesting feature as I arrived. Was it a cave? Or just an overhang? As I reached it, it gradually became apparent that it was indeed a cave, and I was able to carefully enter it. As I did so, I came alongside a sleeping seal (cunningly disguised as a round rock from a distance). I was right next to it when it woke up and got the fright of its day! In the back of the cave were a couple more seals, who flumped about in the darkness.

The rest of the day was spent generally following the coast westwards. I went fairly far into Loch Bhrolluim, but didn't properly explore Lochs Bhalamuis or Claidh (and certainly not Loch Seaforth - that's an entire trip on its own!). I did make a couple of forays onto the land, which gave pictures of quite different character to the marine ones (and made a nice change for me, too).

I arrived at Rhenigidale, intending to stay in the hostel that I visited (but didn't stay in) four years ago on a cycle trip. Arriving at the village, the first people I saw were the warden's husband and children fishing from the shore, so I had a bit of a chat before checking in and treating myself to a well-earned sleep.

On the map below, the grey line is the GPS track from this trip. Click the blue circles to see a photograph taken from that spot and read further information about the location. The blue lines indicate the direction of view. There is also a slideshow of this trip. ( )

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NG3898 : Western end of the Galtachan by Toby Speight
Western end of the Galtachan
Galta Mòr and a few tidal skerries to the west. A theory for the etymology... more

NG3799 : Shiants marker buoy by Toby Speight
Shiants marker buoy
Although a starboard-hand buoy, this one is normally passed to port, as it... more

NB3302 : Uamh Mhic Iain Dhuibh by Toby Speight
Uamh Mhic Iain Dhuibh
This cave extends about 15 metres into the rock, and is (just) wide enough at the... more

NB3202 : Rubha Bhrolluim by Toby Speight
Rubha Bhrolluim
Coastal scenery typical of this area.

NB3201 : Extreme tip of Rubha Bhrolluim by Toby Speight
Extreme tip of Rubha Bhrolluim
Tidal rocks below the cliffs

NB3103 : Loch Bhrolluim coastline by Toby Speight
Loch Bhrolluim coastline

NB3003 : Allt na Coilltich by Toby Speight
Allt na Coilltich
Water cascades into Loch Bhrolluim.

NB3102 : Loch Bhrolluim coastline by Toby Speight
Loch Bhrolluim coastline
A tiny island at the western side of Loch Bhrolluim.

NB3101 : Near the mouth of Loch Bhrolluim by Toby Speight
Near the mouth of Loch Bhrolluim
Shallow water close to shore.

NB3100 : Cormorants and Sgeir a' Bhataidh by Toby Speight
Cormorants and Sgeir a' Bhataidh

NB3001 : Gleann Mòr by Toby Speight
Gleann Mòr

NB3000 : Poll Dhonnachaidh by Toby Speight
Poll Dhonnachaidh
A small inlet of the Lewis coast.

NB2900 : Àrd Chaidhanis by Toby Speight
Àrd Chaidhanis
The rocky southern end of this promontory.

NB2500 : Eilean Dubh a' Bhàigh by Toby Speight
Eilean Dubh a' Bhàigh
Eilean Mòr a' Bhàigh in the background, right.

NB2501 : Eilean Beag a' Bhàigh by Toby Speight
Eilean Beag a' Bhàigh
A small low-lying island, distinguishable from the main island behind only by its... more

NB2401 : Sgeir Hal by Toby Speight
Sgeir Hal
Spelt Sgeir Thal in Gaelic. Rhenigidale beyond.

All images © Toby Speight and available under a Creative Commons licence external link.

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