Project Credits

Here are all the people and technologies that make this site possible...

Original Idea




Mapping & Location Data


Supporting Functionality

The following support Geograph in various functions:

NOTE: use of these features does not imply endorsement by the host organizations


This project relies on the following open-source technologies:

PHPExternal link SmartyExternal link adodbExternal link MySQLExternal link powered by SphinxExternal link

In addition uses:
   Linux (UbuntuExternal link), link, memcachedExternal link, redisExternal link, muninExternal link, nfsExternal link, haproxyExternal link, varnishExternal link, and m/monitExternal link.
to deliver a high performance website - but are not required to run the Geograph codebase.

Code Libaries

We have reused code from following open-source projects:

Without all of the above this site wouldn't be possible, thanks to everyone involved!

We also strive to adhere to the following standards:

XHTMLExternal link CSSExternal link Bobby WorldWide Approved 508External link
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