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About 6,672 photos within 10km of NO364341
Within 0.01 km
NO3634 : Water Tower - Templeton Woods by Jon Davey
Within 0.1 km
NO3634 : Monumental water tower by James Allan
NO3634 : Gallow Hill by Rude Health
NO3634 : Water tower on Gallow Hill by Scott Cormie
Within 0.3 km
NO3634 : Path in Templeton Woods by Douglas Nelson
Within 0.6 km
NO3633 : Path in Templeton Woods by Douglas Nelson
NO3634 : Clatto Country Park by Val Vannet
NO3534 : Forest debris by James Allan
NO3633 : Water Hazard or sluice by Douglas Nelson
NO3634 : Frosty dam wall by James Allan
NO3633 : Wicker men by James Allan
NO3534 : Entrance to Templeton Woods by Mike Pennington
NO3534 : Visitor's Centre, Templeton Woods by Scott Cormie
NO3634 : A chilly Clatto Reservoir by Douglas Nelson
NO3634 : Reservoir trees by James Allan
Within 1.0 km
NO3534 : Path, Templeton Woods by Richard Webb
NO3633 : Clubhouse of Downfield Golf Club by Val Vannet
NO3634 : South Auchray by James Allan
NO3634 : Farm at South Auchray by Douglas Nelson
NO3634 : Icy reservoir by James Allan
NO3634 : Clatto Reservoir by Douglas Nelson
NO3634 : Clatto reservoir by James Allan
NO3534 : Edge of Templeton Woods by Richard Webb
NO3533 : Birkhill Cemetery by Richard Webb
NO3634 : Clatto Reservoir by Douglas Nelson
NO3734 : Scottish Water Depot, Clatto by Douglas Nelson
NO3633 : Woodland, Downfield Golf Club by Richard Webb
NO3633 : Hanging timber warning by Richard Webb
NO3534 : North fringe of Dundee by James Allan
NO3733 : Dalmahoy Drive near entrance to Downfield Golf Course by Douglas Nelson
NO3533 : Flooded fairway by James Allan
NO3633 : Picnic bench by James Allan
NO3534 : Woodland, Birkhill by Val Vannet
Within 2 km
NO3635 : Christmas trees and Sidlaw Hills by James Allan
NO3533 : Blairfield Road by James Allan
NO3533 : Birkhill Cemetery by Val Vannet
NO3533 : Road in Camperdown Park in Dundee by James Denham
NO3533 : Birkhill Inn by James Allan
NO3533 : Blairfield Terrace by James Allan
NO3533 : Looking towards a fairway on Camperdown golf course by James Denham
NO3534 : Bridle Path by Douglas Nelson
NO3635 : A crop for Christmas by James Allan
NO3534 : Path to Birkhill by James Allan
NO3533 : Ploughed field at Birkhill by Mike Pennington
NO3734 : The 'last house' in Dundee! by Val Vannet
NO3632 : Camperdown Country Park by James Allan
NO3535 : Road to Templeton by Douglas Nelson
NO3733 : Games court by Alex McGregor
NO3535 : Fields at Templeton, Birkhill by Mike Pennington
NO3534 : Hill Terrace at Birkhill in Angus by James Denham

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