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About 5,514 photos within 10km of NT85533391
Within 0.01 km
NT8533 : Mindrum Station by Russel Wills
Within 0.1 km
NT8534 : Mindrum Station Warehouse by Russel Wills
Within 0.3 km
NT8534 : Mindrum Station Cottages by Russel Wills
NT8533 : Postbox  - Mindrum Station, Northumberland by Alex Noel-Tod
NT8534 : Site of Mindrum Station by Richard Webb
NT8533 : B6352 eastbound by Alex McGregor
NT8533 : Fingerpost, Mindrum Station by Richard Webb
NT8533 : Direction Sign â Signpost by M Wilkinson
NT8533 : Telephone box, Mindrum by Richard Webb
Within 0.6 km
NT8534 : Railway bridge, Mindrum Station by Richard Webb
NT8533 : Heading for Mindrum  Station by James Denham
NT8534 : Bridge over former railway by Russel Wills
NT8533 : The turn-off to Pawston  by Russel Wills
NT8534 : Arable land, Mindrum Station by Richard Webb
NT8534 : Farm track by Walter Baxter
NT8533 : Cottages and buildings, Mindrumill by Robin Webster
Within 1.0 km
NT8433 : Looking along the B6496 by James Denham
NT8433 : Road junction at Mindrum Mill by Russel Wills
NT8533 : Bowmont Water by Hill Walker
NT8434 : Steam ploughing is such a drag! by James T M Towill
NT8434 : Ploughing another six furrows by James T M Towill
NT8633 : Damaged Bridge over Bowmont Water by Eddie Robertson
NT8633 : Downham Farm by James Denham
NT8433 : B6396 towards Kelso by Robin Webster
NT8634 : Sheep and lambs mustered for spayning by ian shiell
NT8633 : Ford, Downham by Richard Webb
NT8633 : Ford crossing Bomont Water by Russel Wills
NT8433 : Woodland by Mindrum by Richard Webb
NT8434 : A 'little grey Fergie' and two furrow plough by James T M Towill
NT8634 : Cottages at Downham farm by Russel Wills
Within 2 km
NT8634 : New farm cottages at Downham by ian shiell
NT8634 : Derelict cottages by ian shiell
NT8634 : Pond in stream course near Downham cottages by ian shiell
NT8633 : Bowmont Water by Richard Webb
NT8434 : Sid and Sam at Mindrum Mill by James T M Towill
NT8633 : B6352 towards Kelso by Robin Webster
NT8433 : Old cemetery by Walter Baxter
NT8434 : Walled track by Russel Wills
NT8433 : Cemetery, Mindrum by Richard Webb
NT8634 : Sheep grazing on slopes of Camp Hill by ian shiell
NT8532 : North from Pawston Hill by Hill Walker
NT8532 : Parkland south east of Pawston by Russel Wills
NT8434 : Polka Cottage by Richard Webb
NT8434 : Farm Buildings by Walter Baxter
NT8532 : House with pond by Russel Wills
NT8633 : Bowmont Water by Hill Walker
NT8634 : Camp Hill by Russel Wills
NT8434 : Farm building by Richard Webb
NT8634 : Farm track by ian shiell
NT8433 : Grassland, Mindrum by Richard Webb

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