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About 6,060 photos within 10km of NT951418
Within 0.1 km
NT9541 : Gatherick Farm by Walter Baxter
NT9541 : Belted Galloway cattle by Russel Wills
NT9541 : A 'Beltie' at Gatherick by Barbara Carr
Within 0.3 km
NT9441 : Gatherick road junction by Barbara Carr
Within 0.6 km
NT9441 : Footpath to Berryhill by Barbara Carr
NT9441 : Green lane, Gatherick by Richard Webb
Within 1.0 km
NT9441 : Green lane, Gatherick by Richard Webb
NT9441 : The road to Bowsden by Barbara Carr
NT9441 : Footpath signpost for Whispering Wood and Duddo by Barbara Carr
NT9541 : Crossroads east of Gatherick by Barbara Carr
NT9441 : Footpath to Etal Moor by Barbara Carr
NT9441 : Footpath to Whispering Wood by Barbara Carr
NT9541 : Green lane by Richard Webb
NT9541 : Road to Bowsden by Barbara Carr
NT9541 : Barley field by Richard Webb
NT9441 : Arable land, Greenlaw Walls by Barbara Carr
NT9541 : Primroses near Gatherick by Barbara Carr
NT9441 : Winding downhill to the B6354 by Barbara Carr
NT9441 : Longheugh by Richard Webb
NT9441 : New clearing by Richard Webb
NT9441 : Boulderfield, Longheugh Crags by Richard Webb
NT9442 : View towards Mattilees Cottage by Barbara Carr
NT9441 : Field track by Walter Baxter
NT9441 : Northumberland countryside in spring by Russel Wills
NT9542 : Barley field, Jacks Law by Richard Webb
NT9542 : Minor road towards Berrington by JThomas
NT9442 : Crop field near Cow Crag by JThomas
NT9542 : Valley of the Dean Burn by Oliver Dixon
NT9542 : Partly felled woodland by JThomas
Within 2 km
NT9641 : Arable field by Walter Baxter
NT9440 : Ewe and lambs above Etal by Richard Webb
NT9442 : Minor road near Matilees Quarry by JThomas
NT9440 : Sandstone outcrop by Richard Webb
NT9442 : Cow Crag by Lisa Jarvis
NT9441 : Crop field near Greenlaw Walls by JThomas
NT9441 : Heading east towards Gatherick by JThomas
NT9442 : Cow Craig by Richard Webb
NT9442 : Cow Crag by Russel Wills
NT9542 : Crop field towards woodland by JThomas
NT9441 : Hedgerow and woodland near Greenlaw Walls by JThomas
NT9542 : Minor road towards Woodend by JThomas
NT9542 : Barley field by Richard Webb
NT9641 : Agricultural view  by Russel Wills
NT9542 : Woodland near Mattilees Quarry by JThomas
NT9542 : Mattilees Quarry by Richard Webb
NT9542 : Fields and farm equipment near Jack's Law by Oliver Dixon
NT9542 : Mud by Lisa Jarvis
NT9542 : Farm track near Camp Field by JThomas
NT9542 : New plantings, near Duddo by Lisa Jarvis
NT9542 : Saturated field by Russel Wills

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