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About 3,626 photos within 10km of NY0517419835
Within 0.01 km
NY0519 : St Michael's church sign by David Purchase
Within 0.1 km
NY0519 : St Michael's church entrance parapet by David Purchase
NY0519 : St Michael's church at Arlecdon by Trevor Littlewood
NY0519 : Arlecdon Church by David Brown
NY0519 : St Michael's church, Arlecdon by David Purchase
NY0519 : Arlecdon Church by John Holmes
NY0519 : Arlecdon Church by Alex McGregor
Within 0.3 km
NY0419 : Country Lane near Arlecdon by Alex McGregor
Within 0.6 km
NY0419 : Public House on the edge of Arlecdon by John Holmes
NY0420 : Parish Boundary Stone by Matthew Hatton
NY0420 : Railway Embankment & Parish Boundary Stone by Matthew Hatton
NY0520 : Herdies in Salter Park, Asby by Matthew Hatton
NY0519 : Track to High Leys by David Brown
Within 1.0 km
NY0419 : Embankments but no viaduct by Matthew Hatton
NY0420 : View towards Lakeland Hills from Brownrigg by Alex McGregor
NY0419 : Arlecdon village by David Purchase
NY0520 : Rough farmland near Asby by David Purchase
NY0419 : Track in Arlecdon by David Brown
NY0420 : Brownrigg near Arlecdon by Alex McGregor
NY0420 : Dub Hall. by John Holmes
NY0420 : Road to Brownrigg by Alex McGregor
Within 2 km
NY0520 : Asby Trees. by John Holmes
NY0620 : Asby village by David Purchase
NY0518 : Site of Arlecdon station by Ben Brooksbank
NY0418 : The Hound Inn. Arlecdon, Cumbria. The Restaurant. by Clive Warneford
NY0418 : The Hound Inn. Arlecdon, Cumbria. The Restaurant Interior. by Clive Warneford
NY0418 : The Main Bar. The Hound Inn, Arlecdon, Cumbria. by Clive Warneford
NY0518 : The Stork Hotel, Rowrah by John Lord
NY0420 : Larch trees in cleft of stream by Trevor Littlewood
NY0421 : Lone tree beyond dry stone wall by Trevor Littlewood
NY0518 : The Stork Junction at Rowrah. by John Holmes
NY0420 : Stream bed on High Park by David Brown
NY0620 : South road entrance to Asby by John Holmes
NY0418 : Private road to Hesketh Quarry. by John Holmes
NY0320 : High Park by David Purchase
NY0319 : Farmland near Arlecdon by David Purchase
NY0320 : Fence on High Park by David Brown
NY0620 : River Marton by Matthew Hatton
NY0620 : Lanefoot Bridge, Asby by Matthew Hatton
NY0619 : Low Leys Farm. by John Holmes
NY0421 : Trig pillar, High Park by David Brown
NY0421 : The summit of High Park by David Purchase
NY0421 : High Park by Rude Health
NY0320 : Moorland on High Park by Trevor Littlewood
NY0521 : Kidburngill Colliery Track. by John Holmes
NY0318 : Arlecdon Hill from the road by John Holmes
NY0319 : Routen Syke. by John Holmes
NY0421 : Summit of High Park by Richard Webb
NY0618 : The Karting pits area Rowrah. by John Holmes
NY0418 : Approaching the A5086 by David Purchase

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