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About 5,132 photos within 10km of NY1143324813
Within 0.1 km
NY1124 : St Michael's Church, Mosser, porch and belfry by Humphrey Bolton
NY1124 : St Michael's Church, Mosser, view of the south side by Humphrey Bolton
Within 0.3 km
NY1125 : Mosser Mains. by John Holmes
Within 0.6 km
NY1124 : Mosser Church by Humphrey Bolton
NY1124 : Valley between Mosser and Pardshaw by Humphrey Bolton
NY1124 : Mosser Mains by Humphrey Bolton
NY1124 : Track junction, High Mosser by Mick Garratt
Within 1.0 km
NY1124 : View of Fellbarrow, Mosser by Humphrey Bolton
NY1125 : Cat Gill by David Brown
NY1124 : Mosser Road by Trevor Harris
NY1224 : Track, Wilkes How by Mick Garratt
Within 2 km
NY1125 : Fields opposite Aikbank Mill by David Purchase
NY1224 : Fellside Farm on Fellbarrow. by John Holmes
NY1125 : Aikbank Mill by John Holmes
NY1125 : Aikbank Mill by Oliver Dixon
NY1223 : Ruined fold by Mick Garratt
NY1125 : Direction Sign â Signpost by H Stamper
NY1024 : Mosser Lane by Matthew Hatton
NY1223 : Mosser Fell by Trevor Harris
NY1025 : Sign for the Society by Alexander P Kapp
NY1025 : Friends Meeting House, Pardshaw Hall by Alexander P Kapp
NY1025 : The road to Brandlingill by David Purchase
NY1223 : Path on to Mosser Fell by Shaun Ferguson
NY1225 : Footpath to Wood Farm. by John Holmes
NY1025 : Pardshaw Hall by John Holmes
NY1025 : View of Black Beck valley and Pardshaw Hall hamlet by Humphrey Bolton
NY1023 : Bramley Farm. by John Holmes
NY1023 : Track through trees to Bramley by Matthew Hatton
NY1224 : On Mosser Fell by Michael Graham
NY1223 : Fly Tipping, Mosser Fell by Michael Graham
NY1126 : "The How" entrance. by John Holmes
NY1024 : Sosgill Bridge. by John Holmes
NY1023 : Marginal Land at  Leady Moss by Matthew Hatton
NY1126 : The lane to Brandlingill by David Purchase
NY1225 : Track on Cringley Hill by David Brown
NY1024 : Rusty relics by Matthew Hatton
NY1024 : Ruined Farmhouse at Sosgill by Matthew Hatton
NY1223 : Track, Mosser Fell by Michael Graham
NY1123 : From Grange Lane by Michael Graham
NY1224 : Mosser Fell by Trevor Harris
NY1225 : Lane north-north-west of Hatteringill Head by Trevor Littlewood
NY1223 : Wooden Gate Post by Michael Graham
NY1324 : North-west slopes of Hatteringall Head by David Purchase
NY1223 : Gate by the Mosser Road by David Brown
NY1224 : On Fellbarrow by Mick Garratt
NY1025 : Pylon maintenance seen from Pardshaw Crag by David Brown
NY1123 : Graythwaite and Dub Beck valley, Loweswater by Humphrey Bolton
NY1123 : Graythwaite, Loweswater by Humphrey Bolton
NY1223 : Track on Mosser Fell by Michael Graham
NY1225 : Wooden pens beside hill lane by Trevor Littlewood

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