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About 9,371 photos within 10km of NY2317828378
Within 0.1 km
NY2328 : Mirehouse by Philip Halling
NY2328 : Path towards Bassenthwaite lake from Mirehouse by Robert Eva
NY2328 : Mirehouse by T  Eyre
Within 0.3 km
NY2328 : Drive, Mirehouse by Mick Garratt
NY2328 : Mirehouse bees by Robert Eva
NY2328 : Mirehouse grounds by Stephen Darlington
NY2328 : Hives , mirehouse by Stephen Darlington
NY2328 : Gateway to Mirehouse gardens by Robert Eva
NY2328 : Path around Mirehouse by Robert Eva
NY2328 : Rustic seat in Mirehouse gardens by Oliver Dixon
NY2328 : From the Plantation by Michael Graham
NY2328 : Driveway to Mirehouse by Oliver Dixon
NY2328 : Formal gardens by Stephen Darlington
Within 0.6 km
NY2328 : Bassenthwaite by Carl Bendelow
NY2328 : Mirehouse, near Bassenthwaite Lake by Ian Cunliffe
NY2328 : Entrance Lodge by Peter Trimming
NY2328 : Path in Longside Wood by Anthony Foster
NY2328 : Forest Track by Michael Graham
NY2328 : The Old Sawmill Tearoom, Mirehouse by Graham Robson
NY2328 : The Old Sawmill Tearoom, Dodd Wood by Anthony Foster
NY2328 : Old Sawmill Tearoom by Peter Trimming
NY2328 : Public toilets, Mirehouse Carpark by Graham Robson
NY2328 : Old Sawmill Tearoom, Mirehouse by Norman Caesar
NY2328 : Go Herdwick sheep, Old Sawmill Tearoom, Mirehouse by Graham Robson
NY2328 : A591 at Mirehouse by Robert Eva
NY2328 : Skill Beck above the weir by Robert Eva
NY2328 : Rocky outcrop in Dodd Wood by Martin
NY2328 : Skill Beck below the sluice by Anthony Foster
NY2328 : Skill Beck above the sluice by Anthony Foster
NY2228 : Stream, Highfield wood by Mick Garratt
NY2328 : Old Milestone by CF Smith
NY2328 : The Old Sawmill Tea Room by Shaun Ferguson
NY2328 : Skill Beck by Robert Eva
NY2228 : Stream near Highfield Wood by Robert Eva
NY2328 : Sand Hill Farm by David Brown
NY2328 : Boundary between Old Plantation and the fellside Dodd Wood by Martin
NY2328 : Sand Hill Farm Buildings by Trevor Harris
NY2328 : Looking towards Skiddaw from Barf by Graham Robson
NY2328 : Skill Beck by Peter Trimming
NY2327 : Woodland near Watch Crag by Mick Garratt
NY2228 : Inonotus dryadeus fungus on a tree, Bassenthwaite by Philip Halling
NY2328 : Beck in Dodd Wood by Anthony Parkes
NY2227 : Mirehouse shore by Stephen Darlington
NY2228 : Path by Alexander P Kapp
NY2227 : A wintry cap by Neil Owen
NY2228 : Skill Beck near St Bega Church by Alexander P Kapp
NY2328 : Skill Beck by Michael Graham
NY2328 : Path in Thornthwaite Forest by David Purchase
NY2228 : St Bega graveyard looking south by Robert Eva
Within 1.0 km
NY2228 : St Bega church by T  Eyre

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