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About 2,702 photos within 10km of NY2585952422
Within 0.1 km
NY2552 : Elizabeth II postbox, Gamelsby by JThomas
NY2552 : Stone farm building, Gamelsby by JThomas
NY2552 : Manor House Farm by JThomas
NY2552 : Entering Gamelsby by David Purchase
Within 0.3 km
NY2552 : Old Barn Gamelsby by Bob Jenkins
Within 0.6 km
NY2552 : Minor road towards Gamelsby by JThomas
NY2652 : Cut grass and hedgerow by JThomas
NY2652 : New-mown hay field east of Gamelsby by JThomas
NY2552 : Gated farm track south of Biglands by JThomas
NY2552 : Farmland near Biglands by JThomas
NY2652 : Heading east from Gamelsby by JThomas
NY2652 : Fields east of Gamelsby by David Purchase
NY2653 : Fenced  Footpath by John Holmes
Within 1.0 km
NY2653 : Field Stile. by John Holmes
NY2553 : Muddy footpath and Beware of the Bull. by John Holmes
NY2553 : Elizabeth II postbox, Biglands by JThomas
NY2553 : Close up, Elizabeth II postbox, Biglands by JThomas
NY2553 : Biglands. by John Holmes
NY2551 : Road junction west of Martin Tarn by Alexander P Kapp
NY2551 : Tarnrigghead house by David Purchase
NY2553 : Feeding the birds in Biglands. by John Holmes
NY2652 : Field with a contour. by John Holmes
Within 2 km
NY2553 : Entering Biglands by JThomas
NY2551 : Martin Tarn by Nigel Monckton
NY2451 : Tarnrigg Moor by Alexander P Kapp
NY2551 : Field gate at Oulton Moss by Roger Templeman
NY2752 : Hedge gate stile. by John Holmes
NY2651 : Cat in the sunshine. by John Holmes
NY2752 : Grazing and hedgerow by JThomas
NY2752 : Grazing near Drumleaning by JThomas
NY2553 : Minor road towards Biglands by JThomas
NY2752 : Farmland south of Aikton by David Purchase
NY2452 : Water Trough providing water for two fields by Peter Wood
NY2551 : House, Moorhouse by JThomas
NY2551 : Cottage, Moorhouse by JThomas
NY2651 : Rural road approaching Moorhouse Farm by Roger Templeman
NY2551 : Close up, Elizabeth II postbox, Moorhouse by JThomas
NY2551 : Direction Sign â Signpost by Roger Templeman
NY2551 : Elizabeth II postbox, Moorhouse by JThomas
NY2651 : Stone Barn. by John Holmes
NY2551 : Grazing, Moorhouse by JThomas
NY2452 : Ploughed Field at the Triangulation Pillar near Tarnrigg Moor by Peter Wood
NY2452 : Tanriggmoor trig point in hedge between fields by Roger Templeman
NY2452 : Benchmark on Tarnriggmoor trig point by Roger Templeman
NY2751 : Drumleaning. by John Holmes
NY2651 : River Wampool by JThomas
NY2651 : Drain near Drumleaning by JThomas
NY2651 : Heading south west towards Moorhouse by JThomas
NY2651 : Stone Barn, Moorhouse Mill Bridge by JThomas
NY2751 : Bungalow, Drumleaning by JThomas

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