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About 2,791 photos within 10km of NY277508
Within 0.01 km
NY2750 : Parton Heights. by John Holmes
Within 0.1 km
NY2750 : Parton Heights, Parton by Philip Halling
Within 0.3 km
NY2750 : Muddy Footpath. by John Holmes
Within 1.0 km
NY2850 : Farmland at Parton by Philip Halling
NY2751 : Dividing Ditch. by John Holmes
NY2750 : The River Wampool, Micklethwaite by JThomas
NY2750 : Grazing near the River Wampool, Micklethwaite by JThomas
NY2850 : Entering Micklethwaite by JThomas
NY2850 : Old Milestone by the A596 at Micklethwaite by CF Smith
NY2850 : A596, Micklethwaite by JThomas
NY2850 : Houses, Micklethwaite by JThomas
NY2850 : Micklthwaite. by John Holmes
NY2850 : Bus stop on the A596 by JThomas
NY2849 : Grazing near Whins Mill by JThomas
Within 2 km
NY2651 : Grassland near Drumleaning by JThomas
NY2650 : Hiding a Trig point. by John Holmes
NY2651 : House at Moorhouse Mill Farm by Roger Templeman
NY2651 : Heading south west towards Moorhouse by JThomas
NY2651 : Benchmark on Moorhouse Mill Farm House by Roger Templeman
NY2651 : Stone Barn, Moorhouse Mill Bridge by JThomas
NY2650 : Trig point pillar in hedgerow on an earth bank between fields by Roger Templeman
NY2650 : Wind turbine and cows in field south of Moorhouse Hall by Roger Templeman
NY2650 : Benchmark on Moorhouse Hall triangulation pillar by Roger Templeman
NY2651 : Drain near Drumleaning by JThomas
NY2651 : River Wampool by JThomas
NY2751 : Minor road, Drumleaning by JThomas
NY2650 : Farmyard and buildings at Moorhouse Hall by Peter Wood
NY2651 : Farmland track from SE side of road west of Moorhouse Mill by Roger Templeman
NY2751 : Farm buildings, Drumleaning by JThomas
NY2751 : Drumleaning. by John Holmes
NY2651 : Stone Barn. by John Holmes
NY2751 : Bungalow, Drumleaning by JThomas
NY2749 : Carlisle 9 Miles by JThomas
NY2851 : Track joining the fields. by John Holmes
NY2749 : Wigton from the air by Thomas Nugent
NY2651 : Moorhouse Hall. by John Holmes
NY2950 : A596 towards Carlisle by JThomas
NY2950 : Field beside the A596 by JThomas
NY2749 : Old Milestone by the A596, east of Wigton by CF Smith
NY2749 : Carlisle to Barrow Railway by Alexander P Kapp
NY2651 : Cat in the sunshine. by John Holmes
NY2749 : Field entrances off the A596 by JThomas
NY2749 : Railway towards Carlisle by JThomas
NY2749 : OS benchmark by Alexander P Kapp
NY2649 : Roadside barn at Dockray by Alexander P Kapp
NY2749 : Road bridge by Alexander P Kapp
NY2951 : Grassland with pylons by JThomas
NY2749 : Carlisle bound bus on the B5302 by JThomas
NY2951 : A596 towards Carlisle by JThomas
NY2752 : Grazing and hedgerow by JThomas

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