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About 3,406 photos within 10km of NY3921940046
Within 0.1 km
NY3940 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark with Rivet by Peter Wood
NY3940 : Minor road and bridge crossing Oaker Gill by Peter Wood
NY3940 : Bridge at Sowerby Row by Bob Jenkins
NY3939 : House at Sowerby  Row by Oliver Dixon
Within 0.3 km
NY3939 : Minor road at Sowerby Row by Peter Wood
NY3940 : Oaker Lodge Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY3940 : Driveway to Oakergill by Oliver Dixon
NY3940 : Roadside storage, Sowerby Row by Oliver Dixon
Within 0.6 km
NY3940 : The lane leading out of Sowerby Row by David Purchase
NY3939 : School House by Oliver Dixon
NY3940 : Roadside seat by Oliver Dixon
NY3840 : Ditching by Bob Jenkins
Within 1.0 km
NY3839 : School Road by Oliver Dixon
NY3939 : Whalegill Bridge by Bob Jenkins
NY3939 : Whalegill Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NY3840 : Driveway to Ratten Castle Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY3840 : Minor road at the entrance to Roe Head by Peter Wood
NY3840 : Hedge and farm track near Roe Foot Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY3839 : Schoolroad Bridge by Bob Jenkins
NY3939 : Croft House by David Purchase
NY3939 : Croft House by Oliver Dixon
NY3839 : Pastures, Castle Sowerby by Andrew Smith
Within 2 km
NY3839 : B5305 at Sowerby Row turn by Colin Pyle
NY3839 : Low Buildings by Eirian Evans
NY3838 : B5305 at Wigtonroad Wood by Colin Pyle
NY3841 : Cockley Beck by Bob Jenkins
NY3938 : B5305 at Whalegill Bridge by Colin Pyle
NY3938 : Whale Gill Bridge by Bob Jenkins
NY3841 : Field of barley by Oliver Dixon
NY3739 : B5305 near Richmond Plains by Colin Pyle
NY3841 : Field near Cockleygill Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NY3938 : Farm buildings and silo at Roe House Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY3938 : Roe House Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY4040 : Lane & Public Footpath to Middlesceugh Hall by Bob Jenkins
NY3938 : Farmland, Castle Sowerby by Andrew Smith
NY3938 : Junction of minor roads at Roe House by Peter Wood
NY3938 : The lane at Roehouse by David Purchase
NY4038 : Driveway to Roe Head by Oliver Dixon
NY3941 : Cumbrian landscape by Oliver Dixon
NY3739 : Tree belt by Bob Jenkins
NY4040 : The drive to Middlesceugh Hall by David Purchase
NY3838 : Grazing Land and Copse by Bob Jenkins
NY3941 : Roebanks Bridge by Bob Jenkins
NY4039 : Gate by Alexander P Kapp
NY3941 : Roe Beck at Roebanks Bridge by David Purchase
NY3941 : Roebanks by Oliver Dixon
NY3739 : Minor road to Sebergham by David Purchase
NY3941 : Farm track and field of barley near Roebanks. by Oliver Dixon
NY3740 : B5305 south of Sour Nook by Colin Pyle
NY3841 : Tree and hedge-lined minor row heading towards Sowerby Row by Peter Wood

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