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About 5,164 photos within 10km of NY4335133038
Within 0.1 km
NY4333 : Johnby Junction. by John Holmes
Within 0.3 km
NY4333 : Johnby village by David Purchase
NY4332 : Johnby Hall by Peter McDermott
NY4332 : Parkland trees at Johnby by Oliver Dixon
NY4333 : Fields below Johnby by Oliver Dixon
Within 0.6 km
NY4332 : Johnby Hall. by John Holmes
NY4333 : Rose Bank by Peter McDermott
NY4233 : Autumn colours in Johnby by Oliver Dixon
NY4233 : Minor road through Johnby by Peter Wood
Within 1.0 km
NY4233 : A track from Johnby by David Purchase
NY4332 : Road passing the very aptly named Roadside Wood near Johnby by Peter Wood
NY4333 : Green lane near Johnby by Oliver Dixon
NY4333 : A somewhat muddy enclosed track between fields near to Johnby by Peter Wood
NY4332 : Limestone outcrop near Johnby. by John Holmes
NY4233 : Track through Fanny Turner's Wood by Matthew Hatton
NY4233 : Farm track on the side of the wood. by John Holmes
NY4332 : Johnby Crags by Oliver Dixon
NY4433 : Johnby by Peter McDermott
NY4433 : Stone wall and barn near Johnby by Oliver Dixon
NY4332 : Johnby Crags and Johnbypark Wood by David Purchase
NY4332 : Johnby Crags by Oliver Dixon
NY4332 : Johnby Crags by Trevor Littlewood
Within 2 km
NY4433 : Farmland near Little Blencow by David Purchase
NY4433 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark with Rivet by Peter Wood
NY4433 : Walled minor road between Little Blencow and Ellonby by Peter Wood
NY4233 : Cleared area of Old Wythes Wood by Oliver Dixon
NY4233 : Gateway into Old Wythes Wood by Oliver Dixon
NY4233 : Greystoke Forest by Peter McDermott
NY4334 : The Tilery Farm by Alexander P Kapp
NY4232 : Parkland trees and track. by John Holmes
NY4433 : Old farm track by Alexander P Kapp
NY4331 : Hedge-lined road heading towards Greystoke by Peter Wood
NY4334 : Field of bales near the Tilery Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY4334 : The lane to Ellonby by David Purchase
NY4432 : Passing Fieldhouse by DS Pugh
NY4432 : Farmland near Blencow Hall by M J Richardson
NY4431 : Fields near Greystoke by Alex McGregor
NY4432 : Road between Little Bencow and Greystoke at The Mill by Peter Wood
NY4432 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Peter Wood
NY4432 : Blencow Hall by Peter McDermott
NY4434 : Modern Barns at Auldby by Matthew Hatton
NY4432 : Blencow Hall nr Penrith by John Gibson
NY4434 : Auldby Farm. by John Holmes
NY4133 : Old Wythes Wood by Peter McDermott
NY4432 : Towards Blencow Hall by DS Pugh
NY4432 : Blencow Hall by Ulrich Hartmann
NY4434 : Friesian cow in pastures above Lamb Beck by Matthew Hatton
NY4431 : Cattle north of Greystoke by DS Pugh
NY4432 : Gentleman in black velvet [deceased] by M J Richardson
NY4432 : Township boundary marker by M J Richardson

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