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About 7,482 photos within 10km of NY4631525278
Within 0.3 km
NY4625 : Farm buildings, Soulby by Roger Smith
NY4625 : Bridleway to River Eamont from Soulby by Bob Jenkins
NY4625 : Fieldside footpath, Soulby by Jim Barton
Within 0.6 km
NY4625 : Dunmallard Hill from Soulby by Jim Barton
NY4625 : Road junction, Soulby by Roger Smith
NY4624 : Lower slopes of Soulby Fell by David Purchase
NY4625 : The hill up from Souland Gate by Ian Greig
NY4625 : Post Box, Souland Gate by Mick Garratt
NY4625 : Minor road at Souland Gate by David Purchase
NY4625 : Lane at Souland Gate by Mick Garratt
NY4625 : Stile over fence between trees by Trevor Littlewood
Within 1.0 km
NY4625 : Marker stone, Dacre by Jim Barton
NY4624 : Wild garlic a gogo! by Des Colhoun
NY4625 : Dunmallard Hill by Simon Johnston
NY4625 : Old Boundary Marker by Dacre Lodge, Dacre parish by Milestone Society
NY4625 : Sheep Pasture North of Pooley Bridge by Anthony Parkes
NY4624 : From Dunmallard Hill by Michael Graham
NY4625 : A field near Souland Gate by David Purchase
NY4624 : Now, there's real magic for you! by Des Colhoun
NY4624 : Waterfoot Mansion by Roger Smith
NY4624 : The summit of Dunmallard (or Dunmallet) Hill by Jim Barton
NY4624 : Trees on Dunmallard by David Brown
NY4624 : Birth of a Bluebell in Dunmallard by Des Colhoun
NY4624 : The summit of Dunmallard Hill by David Purchase
NY4624 : Bluebells, Dunmallard Hill by Michael Graham
NY4624 : Path on Dunmallet with roe deer by Trevor Littlewood
NY4524 : Lane approaching Waterfoot Park by Roger Smith
NY4624 : Summit of Dunmallard Hill by Anthony Foster
NY4624 : Dunmallet Summit On Dunmallard Hill by Rude Health
NY4624 : Amidst the Snowdrops at Waterfoot Hotel Farm by Des Colhoun
NY4624 : Ullswater from Waterfoot by Trevor Hilton
NY4624 : Looking towards Ullswater from Pooley Bridge by Christine Matthews
NY4624 : Ullswater from Pooley Bridge by Richard Slessor
NY4624 : Dunmallard Hill: Pooley Bridge by Pam Brophy
NY4624 : Waterfoot Caravan Park by Mark Hopkins
NY4624 : Wild Garlic, Dunmallard Hill by Michael Graham
NY4524 : Bend in Road by Mick Garratt
NY4624 : Dogs descend from the fort remains at Dunmallard by Des Colhoun
NY4624 : At Waterfoot by Michael Graham
NY4724 : Field boundary line with trees and standing stone by Trevor Littlewood
NY4624 : Footpath: Waterfoot to Pooley Bridge by Roger Smith
NY4624 : Pasture at Waterfoot by Anthony Foster
NY4624 : Dunmallard Hill Summit by Michael Graham
NY4626 : The Road to Dacre by David Dixon
NY4624 : Under the surveillance of a Roe deer by Des Colhoun
NY4725 : Footpath approaching the A592 by Roger Smith
NY4626 : Farmhouse near Dacre by David Dixon
NY4724 : A dog walker heads towards Pooley Bridge by Des Colhoun
NY4626 : Brow Foot at Dacre by M J Richardson
NY4626 : Earthworks in  fields, Dacre by Humphrey Bolton

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