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About 6,240 photos within 10km of NY4843328320
Within 0.1 km
NY4828 : 'Whitestiles' on south side of St John's Road near Keld Head junction by Roger Templeman
Within 0.3 km
NY4828 : Houses on St John's Crescent, Stainton by Stephen Craven
NY4828 : Junction St John's road Stainton by Steve Houldsworth
NY4828 : Benchmark on barn at Town End Farm by Roger Templeman
NY4828 : Old Direction Sign - Signpost in Stainton by Milestone Society
NY4828 : Barn at Town End Farm by Roger Templeman
NY4828 : King's Arms, Stainton, Cumbria by Terry Johnson
NY4828 : Junction of St John's Road and The Pavilion by Roger Templeman
NY4828 : Stainton Methodist Church by Karl and Ali
NY4828 : Stainton Methodist Church by Steve Houldsworth
NY4828 : The lane leaving Stainton by David Purchase
NY4828 : Building on NE side of road at Hall Bank by Roger Templeman
NY4828 : Old benchmark on jamb of building at Hall Bank by Roger Templeman
NY4828 : Houses across the green by Trevor Littlewood
Within 0.6 km
NY4828 : Houses across the green - 2 by Trevor Littlewood
NY4828 : Stainton full of roads. by John Holmes
NY4828 : Westbound A66, Baron's Hill by David Dixon
NY4827 : Houses in Stainton over field by Trevor Littlewood
NY4728 : Double gated by Alexander P Kapp
Within 1.0 km
NY4827 : The lane to Stainton by David Purchase
NY4728 : Top of the Penrith Fundamental Bench Mark by Luke Shaw
NY4728 : The Ordnance Survey Penrith Fundamental Benchmark by Luke Shaw
NY4728 : Looking west along the central reservation of the A66 by Roger Templeman
NY4728 : Field with sheep south of Newbiggin by Oliver Dixon
NY4827 : Alpaca farm by Stephen Darlington
NY4827 : Grazing Land beside River Eamont by Bob Jenkins
NY4728 : Farmland above Penrith by DS Pugh
NY4728 : Scrub area between carriageways on A66 at Baron's Hill by Roger Templeman
NY4827 : Alpaca in The Lakes by Nick Barker
NY4827 : Alpaca in The Lakes by Nick Barker
NY4729 : Road near Hoghouse Hill by DS Pugh
NY4928 : Old Milestone east of Keswick, Stainton parish by Milestone Society
NY4729 : Fields near Hoghouse Hill by DS Pugh
NY4729 : Wall dividing fields incompletely by Trevor Littlewood
NY4728 : Field with emerging crop by Trevor Littlewood
NY4728 : Junction for Hoghouse Hill by DS Pugh
NY4927 : Dry stone wall bounding field by Trevor Littlewood
Within 2 km
NY4827 : Stainton (Snuff Mill) Waste Water Pumping Station by Ian Greig
NY4927 : Barn near Stainton by Anthony Parkes
NY4829 : Farm road on abandoned railway by Oliver Dixon
NY4829 : Winter 2010 by AJ Rich
NY4829 : Barley catching the sun by DS Pugh
NY4829 : Minor road to Penrith by David Purchase
NY4928 : Lone tree near Penrith by Colin Kinnear
NY4827 : On the gibbet by Snuffmill Wood by Des Colhoun
NY4728 : Sign south of Newbiggin by DS Pugh
NY4829 : Looking down on the old trackbed by DS Pugh
NY4927 : The Eamont Valley by Paul Collins
NY4728 : Fields, Baron's Hill by Mick Garratt
NY4827 : The mole catcher's gibbet by Snuffmill Wood by Des Colhoun

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