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Within 0.1 km
NY5122 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
NY5122 : The view from Whale View Cottage, Helton by Oliver Dixon
NY5122 : Wesleyan Chapel, Helton by Alexander P Kapp
NY5022 : Entering Helton from the west by David Purchase
NY5022 : The Tarn Moor road descending into Helton by Nigel Brown
Within 0.3 km
NY5122 : Helton village by David Brown
NY5122 : Verge at Helton by Michael Graham
NY5122 : Helton Village Green by Mick Garratt
NY5022 : Cattle grid, Helton by David Brown
NY5022 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
Within 0.6 km
NY5121 : Out Barn by Alexander P Kapp
NY5121 : Bridlepath by Alexander P Kapp
NY5122 : Field with barn by Ian Greig
NY5121 : Walled bridleway at Helton by Gordon Hatton
NY5021 : Western approach to Helton by Nigel Brown
NY5021 : View over the Lowther valley by Nigel Brown
NY5021 : Outgang Farm, Helton by Oliver Dixon
NY5121 : Fields near Helton by David Purchase
Within 1.0 km
NY5021 : The road towards Helton by Ian Greig
NY5021 : Fields and stone walls near Helton by Oliver Dixon
NY5021 : Limestone dry stone wall near Helton by Mick Garratt
NY5021 : Farmland near Heltonhead by David Purchase
NY5122 : Lime kiln across field by Trevor Littlewood
NY5122 : Crookwath Bridge by David Purchase
NY5122 : Crookwath Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NY5122 : River Lowther & Crookwath Bridge by mauldy
NY5122 : Low Donald Wood, between Askham and Helton by Christine Johnstone
NY5021 : Footpath to Heltondale Common by Oliver Dixon
NY5021 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
NY5021 : Heltonhead by Trevor Littlewood
NY5021 : Ruined limestone dry stone wall near Helton by Mick Garratt
NY5122 : River Lowther by Oliver Dixon
NY5021 : Lynchets in a field near Helton by Karl and Ali
NY5021 : Field with old plough strips by Gordon Hatton
NY5121 : River Lowther by Mick Garratt
NY5121 : Millkeld Sike by Gordon Hatton
NY5021 : Heltonhead by Mick Garratt
NY5122 : The road to Helton by Christine Johnstone
NY5122 : Farm buildings at Isla Park by Christine Johnstone
NY5122 : Field and gate by Gillriggs Cover by Nigel Brown
NY5122 : Buttercup meadow south of Askham by Oliver Dixon
NY5121 : Footbridge over the River Lowther by Karl and Ali
NY5121 : Bridge over the Lowther by Gordon Hatton
NY5222 : The River Lowther by Gordon Hatton
NY5222 : Field  to  River  Lowther by Martin Dawes
NY5123 : Public footpath to Askham by Christine Johnstone
NY5121 : Tom Winder's Loom by Mick Garratt
NY5222 : The River Lowther near Helton by Karl and Ali
Within 2 km
NY5222 : River Lowther by Rob Burke
NY5121 : Upstream along the Lowther by Gordon Hatton

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